Worst Dates Told by Ohio University Students


Miles Baker | Lifestyle Staff Writer | mb435816@ohio.edu

Dating. It’s a struggle. The number of people on the swipe-chatting app, Tinder, increases daily while everyone searches for that special someone. Tinder currently has “50 million users” according to DMR Business statistics. That’s “1.6 billion swipes daily,” meaning even in the modern hectic lives people live, there’s still time to find love. Others will seek out set ups from friends, or meet people naturally and decide to go on a date.

Two people meet hoping to connect but sometimes that hope is clashed with a horrible date. FANGLE decided to investigate the realness of dates from hell, courtesy to OU students. Stay safe out there.

Anonymous, Ohio University Freshman:

“I went on a Tinder date back home and I met the guy the first time at a mall. He was almost shorter than me, very awkward, and kept calling me “babe” even though I had just met him. We then went put-putting which was fine until we went to leave and he told me that he was considering following me to college in which I choked out “I have commitment issues””

Anonymous, Ohio University Senior:

“One of my friends set me up on a date with this guy that I had only known for a day. He seemed normal and cute, so I decided to go through with it. After hanging out at King’s Island for 2 hours, he told me that he didn’t want to pay ridiculous prices for food, so we left the park and went to McDonald’s.

We went through the drive thru and he didn’t ask me if I wanted anything to eat. Then after he ate 3 cheeseburgers and fries by himself, while still sitting in his truck, he continued to gargle and spit Scope mouthwash out the window. Now he’s engaged to the girl who set us up on the date.”

Anonymous, Ohio University Junior:

“So I was on my first date ever to see a new movie that just came out. And the guy had mentioned he didn’t feel good but insisted on still going. So we are in the theater and the previews start and five minutes in he starts projectile vomiting.

So I’m like oh my god. I get up and lead him out of the theater and everyone is looking at us. We get to the guys room and he hands me his phone to call his mom while he cleans up. So she gets to the theater and she apologizes and we are all nervous laughing it was awkward. Then we pull into his neighborhood where he proceeds to vomit all down the door of her Range Rover while frantically trying to get the window down. She made us walk the rest of the way while he puked and kept apologizing.

Turns out he had the stomach bug and we didn’ t talk ever again till I transferred to the school he went to 3 years later.”

Dating can be tough, but for some people, it can be absolutely disastrous. Happy Valentine’s Day from FANGLE!