Who Run The World? Depop!


Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer | tp314215@ohio.edu

We’ve all been there. Scrolling countlessly through magazine pages to find some ‘drip’ to wear, or wondering which shirt on page 17 or 35 makes you look ‘fresh to death.’ However, wouldn’t your life be simpler if your shopping searches were already tailored to your style? Thankfully, there’s an app for that called Depop.

Depop is a mobile marketplace where people from around the world can buy, sell, and discover all sorts of clothing items from shirts, pants, shoes, dresses, even packaged underwear. Though, I would not recommend purchasing underwear on the app, but do what you want. It’s your prerogative. What makes the app special is how it recognizes what users might like and personalizes content to show items that fit their distinct style.


  1. Timeline

Depop’s interface is similar to apps you’ve seen before. When you’re on the homepage, you have a timeline – like Instagram – that shows you items that are on sale in the shops you follow. You can scroll down your timeline and like items, comment, save them, message the seller and, if you’re really interested, you can even choose to buy the item right then and there.

What the Depop timeline looks like. Photo by: Tarein Phillips 

  1. Search

Maybe your timeline sucks that day and you don’t see anything that you like. That’s when you can click on the magnifying glass — the search tab — and truly get the essence of the Depop app. Immediately at the top, you have the option to find what type of item you’re looking for or you can scroll down and find sections of your choosing. Depop also has a cool feature that shows you featured sellers and shops that could be selling things from retro, streetwear to chic pieces – you name it. Whatever you name, you’re probably going to find it in the app’s detailed search section.

What the search section looks like. Photo by: Tarein Phillips

  1. Your Shop

However, maybe you’re not on Depop to shop but, instead, to sell. If there’s ever a moment you feel something in your closet doesn’t fit, you’ve never worn or you’re an up-and-coming designer, then you can become a Depop seller. Simply press the camera button in the middle of the app to open your own shop.

The shop section. Screenshot by: Tarein Phillips 

  1. You

Depop is all about the user’s experience. The last section of the app, which is shown with a human silhouette, gives you an overview of your entire Depop experience. You can view the items that you’re selling or ones that have been sold in your shop. You can look at items you saved and reviews you submitted or received from customers. Best of all, you know the stuff you liked while scrolling on your timeline or browsing in the search section? Well, it all shows up in your likes bar. Pretty convenient, right?

Personal information section. Photo by: Tarein Phillips 

So, you can finally stop scrolling page after page for hours on a bunch of items you don’t like. Depop is way better, way more convenient and way more efficient to scroll through pieces and accessories you might actually wear. Depop offers you all of that and more.