Which Fest is the Best? A Look At Ohio University’s Fest Season


Lifestyle Staff Writer| Ashley Edgell| ae905316@ohio.edu

Ohio University students kicked off fest season this past weekend with Milliron Fest, followed by Mill Fest. Judging by the crowded street and the stories shared, Mill Fest was far from disappointing for Bobcats this year. The large crowd, the loud music, and the alcohol consumption are just a few reasons as to why the students of Ohio University love fest season. Some look forward to Mill Fest, while others can’t wait for Palmer Fest. Which fest do the students of Athens, Ohio like the best?

Palmer Fest in Athens, Ohio on May 8, 2010, looking north from a street view around 5:00 p.m. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2010_Palmerfest.jpg

Amal Afyouni, junior, said High Fest was her favorite, “because Mill Fest has too many people and there is a lot of non-OU students there, whereas High Fest is mostly OU students.”

Hannah Blackmon, a junior, said High Fest is also her favorite. When questioned if she had any stories to share she responded with, “nothing that can be published.”

“Palmer Fest is my favorite because last year my boyfriend got arrested at Mill Fest, and at High Fest last year, I got chased through a house by a cop,” said Victoria Buzzard, sophomore.

Anthony DiRienzo, sophomore, had a hard time deciding on his favorite fest. “I don’t particularly have a favorite fest, they are all kind of a blur to me,” said DiRienzo. When asked what his favorite part of fest season is he said that he loves, “being with a bunch of friends and having zero rules.”

Others opt for the largest fest of the season. “I would have to say that Mill Fest is my favorite fest because it has the most house parties to go to and there is always a lot of people out on the streets,” said senior Megan Myers.

While some like Palmer Fest due to past stories and experiences:

Others enjoy Mill Fest because of location…

Even those who have never attended a Fest before are eager to see what the hype is all about. Audrey Farkas, sophomore, said she didn’t attend any fest last year but she is anxious to go to one this year. Farkas said, “I am looking forward to the experience and having a good time and seeing everyone else having a good time too. Despite any bad weather, I know it will be fun since it’s my first fest.”

Anthony Marino, a freshman, says he didn’t attend Mill Fest this year but is planning to attend High Fest this weekend. “I am looking forward to the streets being filled with people and of course drinking,” states Marino.

Transfer student Laine Weppler shares that it is her first year at Ohio University so she has never been to a fest. “I am the most excited for Mill Fest because my roommates have all told me it is a fun time and it’s the biggest fest.”

With that being said, which Ohio University fest is actually the best?

Judging by the poll, the opinions are split. Mill Fest takes the lead with 44 percent, while High Fest takes second with 24 percent, followed by Palmer Fest with 18 percent and Palmer Place finishing last with a close 14 percent.

The rest of this year’s fest lineup includes:

  • Congo Fest, March 24
  • High Fest, March 25
  • Moms weekend, March 31
  • Palmer Place Fest, April 7
  • Palmer Fest, April 8
  • 15 Fest, April 21 and 22

Regardless of opinion, fest season is always an exciting time for the students at Ohio University. For anyone attending fest this year, have fun and stay safe Bobcats!