What Will Be The Top Costumes At This Year’s HallOUween Block Party?


Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer | eg245916@ohio.edu

Halloween is quickly approaching and Athens is already in full swing. 2017 has been full of memorable events and we are here to help to navigate making an impression Oct. 31. Here’s FANGLE’s top predictions for what will be the most popular Halloween costumes this year during the Athens Block Party.

Eleven or a Ouija board wrapped in Christmas lights

Stranger Things 2 is dropping on Netflix on Oct. 27. Dressing as Eleven or the whole gang with friends is a go-to this year. Going solo as a Ouija wrapped in Christmas lights will let everyone on campus

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

It has produced so much attention with the alleged clown hunting scandals and red balloons popping up everywhere. Going out on the town as a clown is both easy and terrifying. Make sure they’ll float too.

Kai Anderson

Evan Peter’s highly discussed character from American Horror Story: Cult is extremely easy to create with a pair of jean, a long-sleeved shirt, and blue hair. Going as the supposed cult leader is sure to turn some heads.

A fidget spinner

The recent tool to help relieve stress and increase focus in the classroom became highly popular. Attaching and decorating some pie pans to a costume will be sure to create some laughs.

Pickle Rick

People will get very creative with this costume: green morph suits, rat-killing modifications, drawn-on unibrows… the works.                                                                                           

Riverdale cast

The CW’s new hit show became extremely popular and is generating even more excitement with the second season airing now. Dressing as the whole cast with a group of friends is perfect for the last-minute costume and it is extremely likely that the clothing is already in the closet.

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

The whirlwind that was the 2016 election spawned some news-worthy attention and comments. It is almost a given that Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons will be walking around on Court Street.

Fiona the hippo

The premature hippo was born January 24th six months before her due date and only weighed 29 pounds. The Cincinnati Zoo’s hippo was dubbed a local hero and received national attention including t-shirts, ice-cream flavors, and stickers. Dressing as Fiona is the perfect ‘cute, but cozy’ costume.

Wonder Woman

The successful movie hit theaters May 27 and racked up a $ 821.2 million in box office ticket sales. The movie sparked positive feedback from the portrayal of a strong female lead. Dressing up as a strong woman with an attitude is both sexy and tough.