Apple Watch makes future advancement reality

 Society Staff Writer | Hannah Knauss

Move over, Rolex. There is a new watch on the market that won’t have consumers staring at the minute hand.

A few weeks ago, Apple unveiled their latest piece of technology that proved to be the ultimate game-changer. Earning the name Apple Watch, this innovative wristband does far more than simply tell time.

The Apple Watch gives consumers, particularly students, the ability to physically wear popular applications commonly found on the iPhone and iPad. Among these apps include text messaging, social media, audio recording and GPS. Siri will also be making an appearance on the user’s interface.

The announcement of Apple Watch was partnered with the delivery of the Apple iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8 software program. Developed to accommodate the changing desires of consumers, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus come with expected enhancements in processing speed, audio recording and visual graphics; however, at 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively, they will also encompass much more space than previous iPhones.


“While the new iPhones will be bigger, I think it is wasted space,” said freshman Audrey Allen. “It is almost the size of a miniature tablet, and I do not want a tablet for a phone. I want a phone small enough to fit into my pockets, and, as a girl, it is harder to find devices that fit that criteria.”


Finding comfortable ways to hold the iPhone in class are not the only obstacle students and educators will face from Apple products. While texting, tweeting and Yik Yakking in class are strongly discouraged, Apple Watch will make these distractions even more accessible than they are now. A select number of teachers have already banned phones and laptops from the classroom, forcing students to wonder if watches will be next.


Despite such setbacks, certain newly developed applications will bring much needed convenience into the lives of students living on campus. The continuously growing lines at Chipotle can be shortened with the ease of ApplePay, the latest way to pay at cooperating retailers without ever taking out your credit card.

Deemed safe and secure, ApplePay allows consumers to pay both in store and online by simply placing their finger on the touch ID fingerprint security. When in close range with receiving devices, students can happily and quickly purchase burritos at the touch of their phone.

The release of Apple Watch and ApplePay continue to push the extent to which technology can be incorporated into everyday life. With continuing trends in wearable technology, educators across the nation must learn to use this necessary evil as an asset, rather than a weakness. In the meantime, fellow Bobcats now have a realistic chance of conquering the long Chipotle lines without even looking up once.