Twenty One Pilots’ album Trench is Still a Bop


Katie Oinonen | Staff Writer |

Twenty One Pilots released their latest album Trench On October 5th. It has been over three years since their last album, Blurryface, was released so this music was something fans have been looking forward to for a while. The band seems to have created a new genre in its own with their music. It is somewhere between an alternative, rap and techno theme; there is nothing else like it.

The band originated from Columbus, Ohio, making them somewhat local. This is the band’s fifth studio album and the artists have managed to keep their same sound throughout it all. Their previous album, Blurryface, was their most popular. The album had sold 1.2 million copies by the end of 2015 and managed to stay in the top ten albums of the year in 2016.

The band gave a hint as to what the new album was going to be like on July 11th of this year with the song “Jumpsuit”, which is the first track on the record. This song shows some of the band’s original flare by their common use of metaphors and analogies. The song starts out with more of a rock vibe then slows down to a subtler sound, very similar to a lot of their songs.

They seem to always have an impressive blend of genres in not just their track lists, but in the songs themselves. “Chlorine” is a great example of this. The song starts out with a darker pace, turns somewhat poppy, Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of the band, does his signature spoken rap and then the song finishes with a slower techno beat. And it actually works; they are one of the few bands that can blend songs and still make it sound good. With the changes of sound throughout the track, it coordinates with the lyrics. The song tells how people deal with situations that create a love/hate relationship.

The band always seems to keep their same creative sound, which is a rarity when it comes to any music artist currently. The song “Nico And The Niners” is a great representation of the band’s classic sound. It offers a techno and rap feel and meaningful lyrics that give a perfect representation of what living in the real world is without sugar coating the bad in the world and how to deal with it.

Throughout the album, Joseph describes the city of Dema, which is a fictional city surrounded by walls. There are nine bishops that police dema; Nico is one of the nine bishops. Dema is said to represent depression and the bishops represent the struggles within depression like loneliness, isolation, desperation and poor eating and sleeping habits in which keeps someone from seeking help. Clancy, a character in the storyline, is trapped in Dema and struggles to escape. There are theories that Clancy is the opposite of Blurryface, who encompasses Tyler’s depressive thoughts. Clancy, on the other hand, encourages Tyler to seek the good.

The band always tries to offer to fans something that has meaning. A lot of artists in today’s scene try to focus on the happier aspect of the world, which isn’t necessarily always the case. Twenty One Pilots tells real examples of life itself. The band advocates for suicide prevention and tries to send a message to recognize mental health. Joseph constantly advocates helping people with poor mental states. His goal is to help through music and fans have appreciated it.

They do all of this while maintaining an upbeat tune that will never lose its catchiness. Their sound will never change and will continue to impress fans with their uniqueness worldwide. The band started their almost sold-out international “Bandito” tour on October 16th in Nashville, Tennessee. This will be their sixth tour, finishing up in their hometown on June 30th, 2019.

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