Thrift Store Shopping: Bridging The Gap Between Budgeting and Spending


Haylee Followell | Culture Staff Writer |

Think about the last time you saw a really cool pair of jeans or an stunningly quirky belt, when you asked that person where they got the item, did they proudly respond “a thrift store”? My bet would be yes. Today, it is becoming more trendy to shop at your local Goodwill or consignment shop than it is to go to the mall. The appeal to thrifting is not surprising, with the (typically) great pricing and unique pieces, many people are turning away from the crowded malls to smaller, charismatic thrift shops. Whether it is for environmental, economic or personal preference, thrifting is the new “it” thing to do.

Athens provides an assortment of second hand stores, all ranging in different prices and different styles. One of those being 10 West Clothing Co., a thrift and discount store located on Union Street in uptown Athens. 10 West has only been around for a year, but according to employee, Hannah Morgan, “business has been booming.” Their goal is to provide trendy attire for affordable prices. They offer a range of products from new discounted pieces to reasonably priced vintage thrifts. Both Morgan and fellow employ, Mitch McCarty, agree that 10 West’s success is due to students willingness to support local business and need to be economically savvy. If you want to keep up on all of 10 West’s new arrivals, their Instagram, @10westclothingco, is the best way to keep up to date with the store.

Some might say thrift shops recent incline is due to Macklemore’s hit song, Thrift Shop. But students say different. Students are thrift-shopping more and more as it becomes more appeasing to the sensitive student budget. First time thrift-shopper, Katie Arnold, freshman Communication Sciences and Disorders major, says that she enjoys thrift-shopping because “It’s cheap! It feels like such an accomplishment when you find something you love for less!”

Thrift shopping can appeal to everyone, especially since you can get more bang for your buck. As Arnold says, “We’re all broke.” Arnold is one of many college students who is scooping out the best deals for the trendiest garments.

“I like thrift shops because sometimes [you] can find really nice brands and get them for way cheaper than usual,” said Amanda Brown, freshman English major. Brown has been thrift shopping previously and will continue the hunt for pieces that spark her interest.

Thrift-shopping has also gained popularity with the current trends in fashion being ‘throwbacks.” Mom jeans are in and dad shirts are all the rage. By thrifting, not only is the shopper saving a few bucks, but they are able to participate in trends they might not otherwise be able to obtain.

Whether you have been thrift-shopping for years or you’ve yet to even check out the scene, Athens is a great way to start exploring. From 10 West Clothing Co to Athens Underground, the options are endless. There are many benefits of thrifting for not only local business but the environment…and even the shopper! So go out and start the hunt!