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Sweetly Single on Valentine’s Day

Chloe Ruffennach | cr584116@ohio.edu | Lifestyle Staff Writer

Being single on Valentine’s Day is often regarded as negative or embarrassing. It can be especially difficult for those fresh out of a relationship to see those heart-shaped chocolate boxes and bouquets of flowers at the grocery store. However, it does not need to be a dower day and even though you might feel lonely on February 14th, you are far from it.

It does not come as a surprise to many that younger generations are becoming less inclined to date and marry. With millennials increasingly opting to fly solo, the stats are in the favor of those who are single. It might seem as though everyone around you is coupled up, but according to a 2016 Gallup study, 59 percent of millennials are single and have never been married. It is therefore not uncommon for most to sit out Valentine’s Day or to ditch the candlelight and roses to celebrate the holiday in an alternative way.

Being single does not necessarily mean that you need to observe the festivities from the sidelines. The idea that you have to experience a loveless Valentine’s Day simply because you are not in a relationship is absurd. Parks and Rec didn’t suggest having a “Galentine’s Day” for nothing. The love that you celebrate on February 14th does not have to be exclusively romantic. Inviting close friends to hang out is an excellent way to avoid overthinking your single status. Whether it is a trip to the movies, a dinner or just inviting your friends over for some pizza, surrounding yourself with friends that you love can be just as entertaining and fulfilling.

Treating yourself to a gift that you’ve wanted for a while can also be an independent way to celebrate the holiday. You do not need to rely on a significant other to get you chocolates or jewelry. Perhaps a solo dinner while engaging in some retail therapy is the best way for you to spend your Valentine’s Day.

There is no shame in treating yourself on Valentine’s Day, just as there is no shame in choosing to not celebrate it altogether. Perhaps you are jaded toward the holiday, which would be fairly unsurprising given the rather commercial and overstimulating way the holiday is marketed to us. It is okay to walk right past those bright pink and red isles at the grocery store.

The only thing that is not okay to do on February 14th is feel bad for yourself because there is absolutely no reason to. Relationships are difficult and not being in one might make you feel isolated and as if you are the odd one out. Yet Valentine’s Day does not have to be a designated day to pity yourself and your singleness. You can embrace alternative celebrations or bypass the holiday altogether. It can be whatever you choose to make it. Regardless, treat yourself to whatever feels right for you on Valentine’s Day.