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Who Run The World? Depop!

Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer | tp314215@ohio.edu

We’ve all been there. Scrolling countlessly through magazine pages to find some ‘drip’ to wear, or wondering which shirt on page 17 or 35 makes you look ‘fresh to death.’ However, wouldn’t your life be simpler if your shopping searches were already tailored to your style? Thankfully, there’s an app for that called Depop.

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5 Apps to Help Get Your Sh*t Together This Year

Haylee Followell | hf211816@gmail.com |Associate Editor

By now, #newyearnewme and the throwback Instagram stories are piling up. There is something inspiring about the beginning of the new year, though. While it is important to self-reflect regularly, for some people (including myself) we need the new year to wipe the slate clean. This is the year we kick butt and take names, whether that be academically, socially or mentally. Here are five ~free~ apps that will help put you on the right track. Continue reading 5 Apps to Help Get Your Sh*t Together This Year