Space Boards: The Next Big Thing?


Society Staff Writer | Korina Meister |

Ohio University student Chris Scott can be seen riding his space board all around campus. Source: Korina Meister

The newest form of transportation technology, space boards, are gaining major hype, especially here at Ohio University. Today, most students have at least seen the new space board around campus, even if they have never ridden one. These boards, which are often referred to as a “Segway without a handle,” have become increasingly popular in Europe, and they may soon take over in the U.S. as well.

Space boards, which are like a cross between a Segway without handles and an electronic skateboard, are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel short distances. Vine has helped to popularize the new gadget with Viners like Logan Paul, Lele Pons and King Bach showing them off. Ohio University is already seeing a handful of kids using the space boards both indoors and out. Sophomore Chris Scott loves riding his, saying that it was, “One hundred percent worth it…I take this everywhere. I will go in the mall, go into a store, buy something, [and] have my bag with me while I’m rolling on this. Now, I’m so comfortable on it.”

Riding the board is relatively easy. The official space board website says you can learn the basics in 5-10 minutes. Scott even let me try it myself, and though it was difficult at first, I got the hang of it after he explained that you simply, “…think about what you want to do and you go.” I was even able to make turns after only a few minutes on the board; controlling it doesn’t take much balance or movement, and being able to learn so quickly was amazing.

The new space boards look like a skateboard, but function like a Segway. Source: Korina Meister


The boards come in a variety of colors and according to the website, they can go up to 10 miles per hour. They are powered by a rechargeable battery, which can last up to twelve miles. The boards are still pretty pricey though, ranging from $400-$800. The expense is what stops most students from buying one of their own. OU student Patrick Macklehose, who doesn’t own a space board, said if they were cheaper, he would “definitely” be interested in one.

The space board has faced mixed reviews with students, however. Sophomore Casey Tisdale said, “They’re nice to look at, but at the same time, I also think they’re useless. It reminds me of Wall-E, like the fat people, just getting moved around.” Former student Kyle Perkins agreed, saying, “I think it’s silly, and what are you supposed to do with your hands?”

Though the space board may face some opposition, it continues to rise in popularity all over campus. The question remains: will space boards be the next big thing?