Sex Toys: How Bobcats Are “Playing”


Society Section Editor | Korina Meister |

Don’t be nervous about adding a toy to the bedroom. You may have just unlocked the gateway to better, more passionate sex. Source: Christina Xu via Flickr
Don’t be nervous about adding a toy to the bedroom. You may have just unlocked the gateway to better, more passionate sex. Source: Christina Xu via Flickr

Cock rings, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and so much more; sex toys bring a whole new level to your bedroom bliss. While toys may be considered somewhat of a taboo in college, there’s no shortage of conversations about sex. It’s only when the cock rings come out that the conversation takes a turn and people get more shy with their answers.

In a recent poll of 37 students, 83 percent of participants did not think that the majority of college relationships had ever used sex toys. In the next question, however, participants were asked to choose what sex toys they have used, and most people have tried at least one or two. The most popular choices were vibrators and bondage toys, both at 58 percent, while the least popular were cock rings at 17 percent and anal beads at 8 percent.

These results peaked my curiosity, as the next question asked what sex toys people would like to try with a partner. Every single answer jumped up in percentage significantly, strap-ons rising to the top with 56 percent of people saying they would like to try one.

One sophomore English major, who wished to remain anonymous, believes that sex toys can bring some fun into a relationship, “I think sex toys are cool, as long as both partners are into it. I think they can be a fun thing to experiment with and enhance sex…I’d use them with a partner.”

Not everyone agrees, and mutual consent and discussion is the most important part of conversations about sexual exploration. “It’s kind of weird to think of a foreign object being introduced to my boyfriend and I’s sex life. It also kind of makes me feel like I’m not able to satisfy him on my own, or worries me that may become the case,” says an anonymous junior psychology major. “I mean, I’m willing to try things, but not for casual and continual use.” Each person is different when it comes to sex, and making sure your partner is comfortable is crucial. This also means knowing how a sex toy should be properly used and cleaned.

If you’re a little nervous about asking your partner to add a toy to the bedroom, there are quizzes and surveys that can be a tactful way to bring up the idea. is a questionnaire that both partners fill out at different times. After completion, it only reveals the kinks that both people said they would like to try.

When it comes to actually purchasing toys, OU students have Honey on Union Street, but there are also websites that can discreetly send sex toys through the mail. Services such as, “the sexual happiness people” have a variety of sex toys, lube and lingerie to get started with changing your sex life. They also feature online chat help, and the packages come in discreet brown boxes.

Whether the thought of using sex toys makes you feel adventurous or nervous, keep an open mind to the subject. Toys might not be for you and your partner, but you will never know if you don’t try them.