FANGLE Drinks: Kansas City Ice Water from Crystal

Culture Staff Writer | Laura Frey |

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.41.52 PMFor someone who doesn’t like gin, Ian Wilson, a bartender at The Crystal sure does love Kansas City Ice Waters. “I am not a huge gin fan but all the flavors mix really well, and the lime juice is a nice added touch,” he said. Wilson gave FANGLE the scoop on what goes into the beverage and how to make them.

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FANGLE Culture: Binge Gaming

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Madison Lantelme-Capitano |

Last week, I decided that reality absolutely sucked and I needed to be as far away from it as possible. I bought popcorn, candy and some energy drinks. I locked my door, put on my fluffy pink bathrobe and proceeded to relieve stress the best way I know how — binge gaming.

I alternated between “Majora’s Mask,” “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Skyrim.” By the time I woke from my caffeine-and-sugar-induced haze, I realized I had spent the last three days cooped up in my room with no substantial food and zero contact with the real world.

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FANGLE Greek Files: Phi Kappa Psi

Culture Staff Editor | Jackie Petre |

*Editor’s Note: For anyone not involved in it, Greek Life can often seem like a world of its own. You might see members in togas, bow ties or ridiculous ’80s outfits hanging out at the bars on a Thursday night and wonder why they chose a college lifestyle so different than your own. The funny thing is, if you actually take the time to talk to a member of Greek Life, you’ll quickly discover that they are normal students, just like you.

That’s where the Greek Files come in. Each week, we will be profiling a new, random member from a social, business, service, honors or otherwise fraternity or sorority, to show people the real students involved in Greek Life and what going Greek means to them.

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Culture Music Reviews: Tove Lo- “Queen Of The Clouds”

Culture Staff Writer | Katie Flowers

ToveLoPicThere is a talented new artist from Sweden who is already taking over United States’ pop charts. Tove Lo, whose real name is Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is here to make her mark. Tove Lo released her debut EP titled “Truth Serum” earlier this year, and on Sept. 30 she released her first full- length album called “Queen Of The Clouds.” With a title like that, it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

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Culture Music Review: Vance Joy “Dream Your Life Away”

Culture Staff Writer | Katie Flowers

Vance Joy isn’t quite a well-known name yet, but he is certainly on his way. Joy, whose real name is James Keogh, is an Australian singer-songwriter who is starting to make a name for himself in the United States. Prior to his start in music, Joy was pursuing a law degree. But his career in law has recently taken a turn to focus on Joy’s biggest passion, creating music.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.43.00 PM

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DIY: Make beautiful photo transfers without breaking bank

Lifestyle Editor | Diana Wiebe

I am a total non-DIY kind of girl. I am not artistic and I get frustrated with my attempts to make my room look girly and cute. However, I still am willing to give something the old college try and hope it turns out something like the Pinterest picture. Here’s a quick and simple way to display your favorite photos that won’t break the bank.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.03.14 PM

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