The Ultimate Bath: I Try 2016’s Biggest Beauty Trends

Raichel Jenkins | Editor-in-Chief |

To hail in the New Year, I’ve decided to try the biggest trends in beauty and spa to decide what spa hacks are really worth the money. After a year like 2016, I think we all deserve a little relaxation to celebrate surviving one of the most tumultuous years in memory.

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Brick City Records — Ohio University’s First Student-Run Record Label

*This article represents collaboration from Emma Stefanoff, Korina Meister and Raichel Jenkins.

For Ohio University’s School of Media Arts & Studies, students work on enhancing their skills in a variety of platforms, music, video, and multimedia. In recent years it has something new to boast about… it houses its own record label, Brick City Records. Zachary Crandall, head of A&R and Artist Development for the label, spoke about where the agency has been and where it plans to go in the future.

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FANGLE Writing Fest Winners

Congratulations to our winning entries from FANGLE Magazine’s Fall Writing Contest, Leah Nash and Benton Molina! Be sure to check our their work in the fall issue of FANGLE Magazine under submissions or read their work below.

We’ve also included honorable mentions of writing we wish we could have included in print. Our Spring writing contest will start on January 30th and end on February 20th.

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Morgan Coovert | | Instagram: @mcoovs

For over fifty years, Black Friday shopping has remained a tradition in the homes of many Americans. With a neat history and a well-known name, millions of Americans leave their comfortable, warm homes to participate. Bonding with family members, pulling all-nighters and finding good deals have always made for happy shoppers, but with the coming of the digital age, the Internet has introduced us to an alternative way to spend that Christmas money. For some, the fifteen-year-old Cyber Monday has become the new Black Friday.

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Father’s Favorites: Get to know the bands from Father’s Fest

Culture Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy |

Good vibes, good music, good dads was the mood of last weekend. On Saturday, November 5th, FANGLE magazine hosted Father’s Fest: a concert of local Athens bands for students to jam out to and dads to embarrassingly attempt to dance to.

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Bloody Building Blocks to Equality

Lifestyle Writer| Alexis McCurdy| | Twitter: @AlexisMcCurdy14

Your period comes at the worst times: some girls may find themselves helplessly in a panic in the bathroom stall, trying to stuff toilet paper down their pants until they can get home. For others, lack of access to feminine hygiene products while menstruating is an unavoidable, frustrating, monthly event. Last year, The Period Project was created here at Ohio University in an effort to alleviate this torrential downpour of a problem.

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Bobcats React to 2016 Election Results

Tonight’s winner of the 2016 election had some horrified and some ecstatic. One thing is for sure, this has been an election like no other.

With baited breath, Bobcats on and off campus have stayed awake to see the winner and here it is….. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the U.S.

trump_wins_optionSource: Wikimedia Commons 

Here’s what students had to say about this historic moment and where they stood before and after the votes were counted.

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10 West: Apparel to Admire

Lifestyle Writer| Ian Kenyon | | @iankenyon13

Walking through the streets of Athens, it’s hard to find a clothing store that doesn’t sell just OU apparel. When you do find one, it’s so expensive and you walk out of the store with nothing. However, if you take a short stroll down Union Street, you may notice the new apparel store called 10 West. This fun and inexpensive store is perfect for students who are tired of just seeing Bobcat attire, and it’s very inexpensive with items as low as $2.00, and with deals up to 70% off.

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Fashion Spotlight: Interview with New Designer Katie Harrison

Lifestyle Writer| Jon Licata |

Katie Harrison is an up-and-coming fashion designer looking to shake up the industry. A fashion major at Columbus College of Art and Design, Harrison makes a side-living by designing and selling clothing, occasionally participating in the modeling and photography of her clothes as well.

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Systematic Racism? Cancelled

Lifestyle Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy|

“Class is cancelled” — the best sentence a college student can hear. We turn off alarms set for the early hours of the morning, dreaming of how fantastic it’ll be to sleep in the next day. But in observance of Columbus Day, do those extra three hours come at a price of both ignorance and disrespect? And does this lead to a disregard for the struggles of people of Native American descent and in particular students of OU?

“I feel like it’s [observance of Columbus Day] not perceived as an issue”, Read-Johnson Hall in-residence counselor and Spanish professor Dave Lawrence said. Lawrence recently held a discussion on this issue in the lobbies of Read-Johnson.

Featured above are a mother and child at an Indigenous People march. More discussion is still needed to generate change for this community. Photo courtesy of Alex Garland from Flickr.
Featured above are a mother and child at an Indigenous People march. More discussion is still needed to generate change for this community. Photo courtesy of Alex Garland from Flickr.

This outright disrespect is rarely seen or heard at OU, perhaps because only two students of Native American heritage currently reside here at OU. There is not a subsection in the OMSAR office for these students nor is there an organization that advocates for the voices of these students to be heard.

First-year student Erica Cox, of Choctaw descent, is one of these unheard voices. As a Rankin scholar, she is held to high expectations about supporting cultural contact and awareness. Cox says awareness of Native American culture is indeed a slight issue here at OU.

“There is a lot of discussion that is missed out on because people don’t talk about it. There are debates within tribes such as what to call indigenous people. If we got more people together, then maybe this could be fixed”.

Cox says even though she is recognized as only one of two, she knows statistically more people at OU have some American Indian heritage. She does “not particularly feel underrepresented,” but hopes there will be more discussion gearing towards treatment and recognition of Native American culture and heritage.

“Reaching out to people from other tribes and recognizing them not as indigenous people or Native Americans a whole, but as specifically members of their tribe, would be a great addition,” Cox additionally stated.

Lawrence says this lack of discussion can perhaps be found in roots traced back to Christopher Columbus himself.

“Studying the heroification of Columbus is actually sort of a gateway into understanding how we whitewash history. If we look at what’s going on with the pipeline now and compare it to the takeover of the Amazon, is it that different than what was going on before?” Lawrence said in reference to the recent protests against the installation of a new pipeline that will run into Native American territory. This installation will potentially pose various health risks for its residents.

States such as Minnesota, California, South Dakota, and Hawaii have issued public apologies for the unfair treatment and assimilation forces directed towards Native American communities. Lawrence says if OU hopes to change as well, the only way this trend of silence can be broken is if people speak up.

“I think it’d be neat if the university would go in the same routes of Minnesota and California and maybe call it into question. Systems don’t change just because it’s trendy: they (the university) would have to have some kind of pressure or catalyst. But, students should realize they tend to have a much more respected voice than they think they do.”