Online Shopping for the College Student Budget


Natalie Stempfley | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

Living in Athens, there are not many places to shop for clothes to wear out to the next big party, to win over people during recruitment, or to help impress the cute boy who sits next to you in marketing. Luckily, there are some very cute boutiques on campus; however– as cute as they are– there are not many options for clothing, and the prices can sometimes be higher than you’d want them to be.

Online shopping has several benefits to it such as several different styles and shipping directly to your house, dorm, or apartment. One very popular store is Missguided, which offers really great deals to college students such as 40% off to all students with free shipping included. The clothes are very reliable and look exactly like what is displayed on the website (which is a big worry for all online shopping). “Missguided has a lot of great clothes its one of my favorite places to shop especially when trying to find clothes for recruitment that fit my personality without being super generic and it stays within my budget,” said sophomore Elaine Cook. Another popular store is Asos which is a lot like Missguided with the deals. There is an up to 70% sale on the outlet. Asos also stays true to the pictures and descriptions he has online with great customer service. You can get the cozy sweater you need for those cold walks to class or that dress that makes you feel like a movie star for the date party you scored with that cute guy from your marketing class.

Lastly, Lulus is also a very popular store among college girls because it has the cheap sales all of us broke college students would die for. “Lulus is one of my favorite stores because I do not have to try anything on it’s always great service and it’s cheap,” said junior Alix Beatty.

All of these stores offer a wide variety of clothing from swimsuits to sweaters, high heels to chokers, these online stores have all the latest fashion you can look your best without worrying about too many people matching you and also having a lot more options than what’s in a store because they will only show what is in season rather than everything you would want. With everything going on in college– the all-nighters cramming for those impossible QBA exams, the feeling that you’re going to flunk out at any moment, and the desire to see how that instagram model lifestyle will work out for you– it’s nice to have a little confidence booster like a new outfit that you can show off come Saturday nights festivities at The Crystal because– whether you like to admit it or not– we all end up there at one point or another.