Neon in New York: Inspired Makeup from Fashion Week


Culture Staff Writer | Kalila Bell |

Neon eye makeup was worn all over the catwalk in this year’s NYFW. Source: Imaxtree

Fall is approaching and the last few days of summer are drifting away. What better way to commemorate the transition of seasons than with an exciting new makeup look inspired by New York Fashion Week that is perfect for fall? NYFW Spring 2016 has just wrapped up its show, but not without leaving the world with a small view of the trends anticipated for the next season.

The shows were packed with vibrant colors, structured cuts, and a variety of prints for a variation of people. New York Fashion Week is iconic for its innovative pieces, and this year was no exception. But if this year’s clothing was the main course, the makeup was the sweet dessert.

The makeup looks varied, from deep lips and sultry brown eyes, to one of the most noticed trends: neon eyeliner. The funky colors and designs the artists used were some that could be applied by anyone, with their simple, yet daring look. Neon eyeliner is a perfect makeup look to pair with your “HallOUween” costume, a fun night out with friends or even a date night. To achieve this look is fairly easy, as it offers so many choices, from the type of eyeliner to the shade. In five easy steps, you can achieve this statement stare.

Step 1

1. Always start your makeup routine with a clean face. Then, add a foundation base onto the face and around the eyes.

Step 2

2. With an angled flat brush, place eyeliner gel on the eyelid in the design that you want the chosen colored eyeliner to follow. Make sure when applying the gel to make strokes in a short, then longer pattern to spread the primer in the direction of the desired eyeliner look.

Step 3

3. Next, apply the eyeliner. I found that liquid eyeliner worked better (pencil is pictured). Using the gel will help the eyeliner stay on well without running. When using the liquid eyeliner, use the same strokes as you would with the gel. If any excess liquid occurs, use a wet Q-tip to clean up the area.

Step 4

4. After lining over the gel eyeliner with the liquid, make sure to let it dry for a couple of seconds so that it will not smear. Then, take a white or very light beige eye shadow, and with a small flat brush, apply it in the inner corners of your eye. Be careful to not get any eye shadow inside of the eye. (Tip: to get a more ombrè effect, simply apply more white eye shadow on the inner-most corner of the eye and blend it out until a third of the way onto the eyelid.)

5. After you complete the eye shadow, apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Try to use volume-boosting mascara to create a more dramatic look. For an even more dramatic look, you can take it a step further with false lashes.

To complete the look, pair with a bright lip.

Voilà! You now have the neon, scene-stopping look of Fashion Week models.