Meet Dote: The Fashion App That Carries All of Your Fave Brands


Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer |

Instead of downloading 85,000 apps to your phone to get access to all of your favorite clothing brands, Dote offers almost all of the brands you can think of – all under the same app!

Nike, Hollister, Vans – oh my! Dote carries a variety of popular companies in which users choose which brands they would regularly like to see while using the app. Having access to the consumer’s liked products all under one place isn’t even the best thing about Dote.

In fact, on your first order, you receive FREE SHIPPING! And if the word ‘free’ doesn’t warm your collegiate heart, Dote consistently has promo codes, deals, and giveaways on certain items that are tailored towards your own liking.

Not to mention, Dote has a cool system where you can collect coins every single day just by simply logging in. Get enough coins? You can redeem prizes! Plus, for every dollar spent on merchandise from Dote, you get one coin! Imagine getting money for spending money. Dote can relate.

So, don’t wait any longer letting the sales sail by. Grab your phone, put in that passcode, go to the app store and download Dote today.