Losing the Headphone Jack = Death of the iPhone?


Morgan Coovert | mcoovert312215@ohio.edu | Instagram: @mcoovs

Is Apple taking away the headphone jack the end of the iPhone as we know it?

No, but we’re sure acting as if it is so.

Photo by Paul Hudson via Flickr.

iPhone 7 preorders began September 9th, with the phone launching last Friday. Normally, the release of new Apple technology causes havoc among the public, but this time around things seem to be different. People usually line streets and flood websites in order to get their hands on new product, but the rumors of the loss of a headphone jack has discouraged people from even giving the iPhone 7 a second look. Is it possible that Apple has gone too far?

According to Apple, the phone comes fully equipped with water resistant technology, a new home button, “two cameras that shoot as one,” a brighter display screen, longer battery life, and speakers that are two times louder than the iPhone 6s. The phone will use the iPhone operating system 10, which includes features like QuickType (sharing your location with one tap), maps that memorize your daily routine, app suggestions based on location, and enhanced privacy and security (no location or contact details are diverged to apps without your permission). Apple also added a “Handoff” feature to iOS 10 devices, where you can begin a task on one device, and finish it on another, such as copying and pasting. iCloud backs up things like photos, contacts, and calendar details automatically. The phone even comes with accessibility features, to allow people with disabilities (hearing, vision, motor skills) to get the most out of the new technology.

The iPhone 7 has tons of new features, but people can’t seem to get past their beloved headphone jack to find out that it actually has a 3.5 mm adapter, included with the phone. Yes, you can listen to your favorite songs without the fear of being embarrassed (and without the assistance of the battery-draining Bluetooth).

Photo by Maurizio Pesce via Flickr.
Photo by Maurizio Pesce via Flickr.

Some may be wondering whether college students planned to use the iPhone 7. After all, CNN claims in an article about Apple buying trends that their core customer base consists of “younger, tech enthusiasts.” Yet, most students don’t seem to be pleased with the release of the new phone.

To put it simply, Ohio University sophomore Zach Brooks had this to say about the iPhone 7, “It’s trash, 6 is better.” Others gave their rejection a little more thought, though. Student Charlotte Dorane claimed she wouldn’t get the phone even if she could, “I’m not a technology person. I wouldn’t know how to work the wireless headphones. I don’t want to relearn.”

Whether you plan on purchasing the new phone or not, Apple iPhones aren’t going anywhere. They’re simply changing and adapting to a new future, much like VCR’s to DVD’s. Regardless of how much the iPhone changes, Apple will always have loyal and eager customers who will buy their products. According to a 2015 report by Forbes magazine, they’re the number one technology company, and the eighth largest company in the world. How about them apples?