How to Prepare For The Upcoming School Year


Haylee Followell | Associate Editor |

Although it’s still summer and bobcats still have another month before move in day, you might feel frazzled with the growing to-do list before school. It’s never too early to get organized, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the start of the school year. FANGLE is here to help with 5 things to check on before move in day!

1. Check account balance on your “My Ohio Student Center”

Have you looked at how much your fall semester total is going to be? Have you looked to make sure you wanted to be apart of the Ohio University legal service? Take out student loans if needed and make sure you know how your fall semester is being paid for. Nothing is more stressful than waiting until the last minute to figure out loans; give yourself at least two weeks to apply for a loan, depending on the company it could take longer.

2. Talk to your roommates–who’s bringing what?

Dorm decorating is one of my favorite parts of move-in, but accidentally having two tvs and three rugs can make it a hassle. If you know who your roomates for the year are going to be, start a group chat and discuss what everyone is bringing. If you haven’t met your roommates, this is a perfect icebreaker! Try to message your roommate on Facebook, Instagram or email. It is also super helpful to make a checklist of the items you already have and items you still need to get.

3. Finalize & mark important events- meal plans, classes, etc.

It is important to make sure your desired meal plan, roommates, and classes are finalized before arriving to school. Classes are more flexible to change during the start of school, but it becomes harder to change after August 20. Is this your graduating year? Have you decided to graduate early? If so, know the dates on which you need to apply to graduate. Figure out important dates before the start of school. If you’re planning to study abroad, know the dates application and payments are due as well. Have you checked if there was any summer homework? Nothing is worse than showing up to the first day of class not prepared.

4. Tie up loose ends at home

Is there a summer job you need to put your two weeks in for? Do you need to let your boss know you’re leaving for the school year? Have you discussed with your employer if you will be returning for breaks? Are there any appointments you need to go to before school? Depending on how far away from home, it is sometimes easier to go to your yearly appointments during summer or winter breaks.

5. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!