Good Eats in Athens, Ohio


Miles Baker | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

As the second semester flies by, the dining halls have lost their gleam and first year students are on a hunt to find low-cost food and a new place to hang out. Here’s a few places that can change up the everyday dining experience in Athens, Ohio.

Fluff Bakery and Catering 

Nestled in on Court Street is the stylish and mouthwatering Fluff Bakery. The counter is littered with treats ranging from the chocolatey crowd favorite “Booty Shaker,” to the sweet, dare I say, “fluffy” sugar cookies. Even though they pride themselves on their sugary pastries, the folks at Fluff know how to make a mean coffee. The restaurant’s atmosphere is warm and personal and the staff are always friendly. After going only a few times, workers often remember their customers’ names and orders, which is a great change from today’s impersonal and unitartry of Starbucks and other “hip” coffee shops. With bright colors and friendly smiles, it’s Ohio University’s secret “Central Perk” (for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans). With healthy options that cater to the budgets of college students, Fluff’s menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

8 N Court St
(740) 249-4286

Latitude 39

Baker Center at OU has a variety of places to eat, and the often forgotten gem of Baker is Latitude 39. The restaurant puts a modern twist on the nostalgia that college offers to alumni, giving the small joint a niche in town. The convenience of the placement, and the fact that students can use Bobcat Cash to pay, adds to its success. The young staff is helpful and friendly making the dining experience fun and energetic. The best part of this place is the food! The cast iron mac ‘n’ cheese is a feat of perfection that can be compared to hearing angels singing “Hallelujah!” Latitude offers salads that crunch refreshingly every time, as well as a really “gouda” grilled cheese! With the time commitment of going to a dining hall, but with a sit down gourmet atmosphere, Latitude 39 should be high on everyone’s list to go in the middle of a tough semester.

1 Park Place
Baker University Center, First Floor
Athens, OH 45701