Drop Your Shorts Film Festival


Erin Gardner | Lifestyle Section Editor | eg245916@ohio.edu

Yang Miller hosted the annual Drop Your Shorts Short Film Festival on February 25, 2018 at the Athena Cinema. The cinema explains that the purpose of the event is to celebrate “the talent of local and regional filmmakers. It gives participants the chance to see their original work on the big screen.” Contestants were encouraged to submit a film under 12 minutes about any topic of their choosing. The audience then voted on their favorite film and the winning film “will be shown prior to a regular run feature for one month.”

There were 17 total short films screened. They were:

“tiny transitions” directed by Sarah Holm
“The Garbage Can” directed by William Morosko
“Through” directed by Emma Holman-Smith
“Ancestor” directed by Chris Croft
“A Jolly Good Hero” directed by Yang Miller
“House in the Hills” directed by Kramer Ditty
“Elly” directed by Jeff Seemann
“Public Servant” directed by Mitchell Grandy
“The Secrets Kept from Us” directed by John Amato
“In a Warm, Dark Place” directed by Randy Miller
“Berb” directed by Jeremy Kellerman
“The Last Upholsterer” directed by Terrance Reimer
“Almost 10 Supernatural Stories to Spook Your Butt” directed by Philip Hickey
“Fortcoming” directed by Taylor Rohrig
“Prohibition” directed by Christian Dietrich
“Keeping Faith” directed by Nadzeya Ilkevich
“HELL TO PAY” directed by Nicolas White

FANGLE’s favorite short films were “tiny transitions,” “Ancestor,” “Elly” and “The Last Upholsterer.”

“tiny transitions” is a mini documentary about the tiny house movement. The film highlighted several individuals who have experience living in a tiny house. The movement is ultimately about the exuberant amount of energy that society is collectively consuming.

“Ancestor” is a comedy short mocking Ancestry.com, the virtual website that traces family trees and explores DNA. “Ancestor” features a man that traces his family tree back to the mythological Greek gods, who were actually aliens. The comedy pokes fun at conspiracy theories.

“Elly” is a horror short about a college student, Elly, who takes part in a found-footage horror movie, but it suddenly becomes real. The film, directed by Jeff Seemann, is being made into a feature-length horror movie called “Final Cut.” Seemann is a production assistant of the Ted Bundy biopic “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

“The Last Upholsterer” is a mini-documentary about the dying business of upholstery. Since he was 9 years old, William Johnson has been upholstering furniture. He worked for his father in Athens, Ohio, before moving his family’s upholstery shop to The Plains, Ohio, in 1972. Now, he is the only upholstery business in Athens county.

The Athena Cinema announced that “Ancestor” won 1st Place. You can view the short here.