DIY: Apple Cider Float


Haylee Followell| lifestyle |

Fall is here and that means so is pumpkin spice. Now, I love my PSLs as much as the next person, but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative fall drink, look no further: this apple cider float is great for unseasonably warm days when you still want to get your fall fix. An added bonus is that all of these ingredients can be found at a dining hall or in a market.


  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream (or frozen yogurt)
  • 4oz cup of apple cider
  • 4oz cup of sparkling apple cider (or Sierra Mist)

I found that while making this was super easy, it might be easier to purchase all the ingredients at a market. However, if you’re low on cash, using the dining hall ingredients is a good money-saver.

This recipe is very straight-forward and even the most disastrous of chefs can make this. I found that it was a quick, inexpensive, easy recipe and I plan on making it again! If you would like to add other embellishments, I found that whip cream or cinnamon-sticks make excellent finishing touches. This recipe tastes delicious and is very affordable, the perfect combination for any college student.