Chillin’ With My Only Bae: Shopping


Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer |

If you found yourself without a valentine this year, perhaps you’ll be able to find your one true love in treating yourself to a shopping experience. You may have doubts while checking out your card balance; however, I have personally found and shopped with two apps that offer discounted clothes for women called SheIn and Romwe.

By talking to many girls, knowing some that have shopped using both apps, and reading reviews online, I’ve found that the consensus is mixed. Most customers feel satisfied with the clothes due to the prices, the looks and the styles. However, some have voiced dissatisfaction with what they’ve gotten. But I figured the only way to find out was by cracking the bank and trying out SheIn and Romwe for myself.

As pictured above, these are some of the items I purchased between SheIn and Romwe and everything is good! The clothes fit me, I love what I got, I think my clothes look good, and more importantly, I want to order more. However, I’m aware that my experience might not be the same for others and some of you could potentially be a little weary on what to expect when shopping, which is why I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons between both apps.


  • Clothes are cute—you’re guaranteed to see something you like because…
  • They have many, many, many different items to choose from. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, swimsuits, pajamas, etc. – you name it and SheIn and Romwe probably have it.
  • It’s cheap! Both apps offer marked-down prices that appeal to many of us college folks.


  • Some stuff might not be what it seems: I read a few reviews of how some clothes’ colors appeared differently in person than online.
  • Sizes could be too big or too small.
  • There are a few cases where people have never gotten their order, which sounds terrifying.

Personally, I’ve had a great experience between both SheIn and Romwe. It ultimately boils down to the customer. If you want to trust the apps, I say go for it! With the cheap prices, you only have a couple bucks to lose. Happy shopping!