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ScreenShop: What You Need to Know

Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer |

Technology keeps making the impossible possible – especially in the world of fashion. ScreenShop is an app in which the user can screenshot a desired outfit, upload it to the app and the app will then generate exact or similar pieces from the outfit.

FANGLE took an inside look at the ScreenShop app to find how it works, which are detailed in steps below.

Step 1: Screenshot a picture of an outfit you like from Instagram

Step 2: Upload the screenshot to the ScreenShop app  


Step 3: Allow yourself to be amazed

Once ScreenShop processes your screenshot and uploads it into its system, similar or even exact items from your picture will display and give you the option to buy it! And don’t worry, even if your funds may be depleted, ScreenShop gives you the option to ‘heart’ every item that you like and add it to your favorites to save for later.

You can also see other uploaded screenshots from around the world and decide if you want to ‘pass’ or ‘add’ the screenshot to your own selection.

ScreenShop is a great cool app to add to your home screen that will help to fulfill all the fashion needs your heart may desire.

Self-care for Activists

Destiniee Jaram | Society Staff Writer |

The typical week for a college student is hectic. Between class, working, clubs and meetings, the extra duties of an activist are not easy. Chronic stress can manifest into unhealthy physical and emotional symptoms. Examples include feelings of worthlessness, poor digestion, excessive or a lack of sleep, eating problems, depression, muscle tension and exhaustion. At times, it feels like the world is a constant stream of negativity, thus it can be easy to forget self-care.

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3 DIY Galentine’s Day Gifts

Haylee Followell | Culture Section Editor |

Galentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day cooler, lesser-known sister holiday. Galentine’s Day, made famous by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, is all about celebrating female love (and empowerment). Here are three cute DIY gifts for $10 and under that are perfect for your besties.

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DIY: Apple Cider Float

Haylee Followell| lifestyle |

Fall is here and that means so is pumpkin spice. Now, I love my PSLs as much as the next person, but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative fall drink, look no further: this apple cider float is great for unseasonably warm days when you still want to get your fall fix. An added bonus is that all of these ingredients can be found at a dining hall or in a market.

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Spicing Up Your Home Space: DIY Fall Room Decor

Madison Foulkes| Lifestyle Writer|

It’s that time of year again! The falling leaves and warm colors are here to stay for the next few months. Liven up your dorm, apartment, or house with these cute, easy decorations. Included in this article are a colorful garland, a playful pumpkin, and a block sign. All materials can be found at your local craft store and are fairly inexpensive. Follow these directions or get creative with your own ideas!

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Craft Shop Breaks from Ordinary

Lifestyle Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy| | Twitter: @AlexisMcCurdy14

Nestled on Shafer Street is a craft shop incorporating art, spirit and culture in one hub. Beads and Things lies in the west residential area of Athens, absent of littered beer cans. Its robust red hue, with pops of pink and colorful lanterns that frame the shop offer a refreshing view compared to that of many weekend nights spent on Court Street.

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DIY Door Décor

Culture Staff Writer | Morgan Coovert | | Instagram: @mcoovs

One thing we know for sure is that in Athens, Halloween is no joke. While celebrating holidays in small dorm rooms can be tough, it’s not impossible. For instance, door decorating is an easy way to be festive without cluttering your room. Halloween City, subsidiary of Party City, is located temporarily on East State Street, and has tons of decorations to offer. But for all those broke college students, there’s easier, cheaper, and more fun ways to do it.

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College Cuisines: Simple Sausage Pasta

Culture Staff Writer | Alex Warner |

The end of the semester is just around the corner, and that means finishing papers and studying for finals, which also means no time for cooking. But making good meals doesn’t have to get in the way of school work. In fact, taking a quick 15-minute break to whip up this three-ingredient pasta meal ensures that you have all the fuel you need to keep going — and you’ll only dirty two dishes!  Continue reading College Cuisines: Simple Sausage Pasta

College Cuisines: Manicotti

Culture Staff Writer | Alex Warner |

This six-ingredient manicotti recipe will have you saying, “Mama Mia! Delizioso!” accent and all. It’s pretty much a meat lasagna, but with manicotti shells instead of the traditional lasagna noodle. While the lasagna noodle is flat with wavy edges, a manicotti noodle has a tube-like shape. Think of an oversized penne noodle – that’s essentially what the manicotti noodle resembles. If you’re an Italian food lover, this is one recipe you’ve got to try.

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