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3-D Reality Braces

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Kalila Bell |

Technology has taken the wildest dreams of science fiction fans and made them a reality. From hover boards that let you float down the sidewalk, to 3-D printing technology that can create everything including medical devices and the Green Goblin’s suit from The Amazing Spider Man 2, which was completely 3-D printed. According to the Wohlers Report from 2015, the 3-D printing industry is expected to grow from 3.07 billion in 2013 to 21 billion by 2018.

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Is the Whisper App a Safe Space or a Creepy Place?

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Kayla Blanton |

If you’re an active user of social media, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen an ad promoting the secrets that lie within an app called Whisper. Geographic location retrieved by social media profiles is used to target specific universities. A teaser quote might read, “I’m sleeping with my professor.” Juicy secrets like this one and others like it urge students to download the app that allows them to anonymously confess their deepest secrets, while giving them access to those of other users.

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An App for the Lonely City Girl

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Rachel Sinistro | | @rachyrachy

Hey! VINA is like the tinder for girl friends. Source: Hey! VINA via iTunes
Hey! VINA is like the tinder for girl friends. Source: Hey! VINA via iTunes

Picture this: you’re a female college graduate and you are moving away from your hometown to start your dream job. You are so excited for your new adventure; the only problem is you’re leaving all of your best girlfriends behind and moving to a huge city where you don’t know anyone. Yikes!

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Netflix is Bringing Out the Investigative Journalist in All of us

Society Staff Writer | Sarah Blankenship |

If you haven’t already watched Making a Murderer, a 10-hour documentary-style series on Netflix, it is likely that you’ve at least heard about the show by now. When the Netflix original series was released on Dec. 18, some superfans delved right in and watched 10 consecutive hours of 20-year-old court cases and evidence straight through.

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Facebook Dislike? Not Likely

Lifestyle writer | Amber Huntzinger |

Will the new “dislike” button be a good way to sympathize with friends? Or will it lead to bullying? Source: TechCrunch

After years of Facebook users asking for a dislike button, Mark Zuckerberg finally announced September 15 that they are working on it, and are very close to testing the button. This news of development comes as a far cry from last year, when he said that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. And with this exciting news came a lot of controversy. Will it really be a dislike button? Will this lead to more bullying? What does this mean for advertisers?

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Space Boards: The Next Big Thing?

Society Staff Writer | Korina Meister |

Ohio University student Chris Scott can be seen riding his space board all around campus. Source: Korina Meister

The newest form of transportation technology, space boards, are gaining major hype, especially here at Ohio University. Today, most students have at least seen the new space board around campus, even if they have never ridden one. These boards, which are often referred to as a “Segway without a handle,” have become increasingly popular in Europe, and they may soon take over in the U.S. as well.

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Expanding the Cannabis Community

Malorie Bush | Society Staff |

This past week many marijuana enthusiasts celebrated 4/20. Because of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, more people than ever participated in this hazy holiday. CNN dubbed it “weed week” as they looked into ways the United States is evolving in terms on inventions and laws as cannabis is becoming legal. To add to the celebration was the release of High There, an app created by Todd Mitchem, an Ohio native, that is known as the Tinder for marijuana users. Continue reading Expanding the Cannabis Community

Weekly App Review: Morning Kit

Society Staff Writer | Melanie Foster & Malorie Bush | |

The lifestyle app to keep you going during your entire day, Morning Kit, is at your service. The free app allows the user to customize alarms, clock and location. Keeping you up to date on weather, current events and alarms, the app reminds you of things you cannot miss like class, or an important meeting.  Continue reading Weekly App Review: Morning Kit

FANGLE Music: New Music Streaming Service Breaks Onto the Scene

Culture Staff Writer | Katie Flowers |

tidalbToday’s culture is highly modern and digitized, compared to what it was several years ago. Now, much of life, especially those of the Millennial generation, is spent online. It’s where we get our news, communicate with others and share our thoughts through social media platforms. It is also often used to stream and listen to music through websites such as Pandora and Spotify. Although these websites are currently the leading music streaming services, a new platform may soon stand as a competitor.  Continue reading FANGLE Music: New Music Streaming Service Breaks Onto the Scene