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Shapr: When Swiping Right Can Land Jobs

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Meet Shapr: a networking app in the digital age. Think of it as the brainchild of the apps LinkedIn and Tinder. Recently, advertisements for Shapr have been popping up on campus, so FANGLE decided to do some digging about the realistic marketing aspects of the app.

Forbes’sThis App Makes Professional Networking As Easy As Swiping Right” explains in detail that “Shapr is an app that takes a new approach to professional networking. Using a smart algorithm, Shapr provides 10-15 profiles of other professionals nearby with similar interests to be evaluated daily. Much like the popular dating app, Tinder, users swipe left or right to indicate if they would like to connect with the individual. Once two individuals both swipe right on each other’s profile, they can message to connect over coffee in person.”

The app works similar to Tinder where it presents similar profiles that its algorithm think would pair well with the user. The user then can “swipe right” if the user thinks the compatibility is right. If both users swipe right, then it’s a match and they can message each other for professional situations. The app, it seems, targets its audience to millennials, while digital networking is made easier.

iTunes reviews are generally pretty positive about the app, calling it a genius invention that makes networking and marketing easier, especially in intense travel situations.

Emily O’Flynn, a junior majoring in Strategic Communication in Scripps weighs in, “I think it’s an interesting idea in theory! I would have to learn more about the app because on Tinder you judge people on physical appearances and I don’t believe you should judge professional based on what people’s faces look like.”

O’Flynn continues with “I believe this will be a great way to meet other professionals in the industry in a more casual setting! I think this app will work better to meet professionals similar to you rather than recruiting potential talent for companies… I love both Tinder and LinkedIn, so I would at least try out the app.”

“Shapr seems like an interesting idea, but I don’t know how widely used or successful it will be,” says freshman Elena Golubovich. “I think it will be a speed round of looking through resumes, which will benefit employers, [but] employees will have face-to-face effect taken away from them as a result of social media interaction.”

Golubovich concedes with the notion of trying out the app with “because I don’t employ anyone, no. As an employee, maybe. I’d wait a little while to watch its success.”



Are Most Millennials Getting Their News From Social Media?

Missy Kum | Society Staff Writer |

Today more college students seem to be receiving their news from social media rather than from credible news sources such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, or New York Times. Oftentimes students are more likely to trust a tweet that has 300,000 retweets than an article written by a knowledgeable journalist. Some may claim that the newer generations do not care about the news as much as older generations do.

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Nintendo Switching It Up

Ben Vizy | Society Staff Writer |

On March 3, 2017, Nintendo released the Switch, its first home console since the Wii U in 2012. Like the Wii and 3DS, the Nintendo Switch is yet another attempt at pushing the limits of what a console can be. In this case, the Switch can operate as a console, tablet and portable handheld, depending on the orientation of the JoyCon controllers and accompanying screen. The console is somewhat similar to a PSP, with buttons on either side and a large screen in the center. This setup can be customized and changed as well.

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Best Chrome Extensions for the Average College Student

Lifestyle Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy| | Twitter: @AlexisMcCurdy14

Issues with productivity, memory, or money? Most college students face at least one of these at some point in the semester, if not all at the same time. More often than not, Google Chrome extensions can solve the problem – or at least alleviate the pain. Here are the 10 best Chrome extensions that won’t make life completely stress-free, but might make it just a little bit easier.

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4 Devices of the Future told by the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Society Staff Writer | Ben Vizy |

Every year since 1967, Las Vegas has hosted the Consumer Electronics Show, a gigantic convention that gives tech and design companies the opportunity to show off new products and prototypes. Today the event is so large, it would be nearly impossible to see everything, with booth after booth demonstrating new ideas for mass consumers. Continue reading 4 Devices of the Future told by the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The Emerging World of Virtual Reality

Society Staff Writer | Ben Vizy |

Major technology companies are developing virtual reality headsets, like this one from Samsung. Source: Nan Palmero via Flickr
Major technology companies are developing virtual reality headsets, like this one from Samsung. Source: Nan Palmero via Flickr

Welcome, once again, to the future. Humans have built virtually invincible monuments, infiltrated outer spac, and combined dozens of recreational hobbies into an object that fits in the palm of a hand. On March 28, 2016, the Oculus Rift became commercially available, adding to this list of human achievements that, 20 years ago, were only seen in science fiction. The Rift is the first affordable, consumer-targeted virtual reality headset to hit the market, followed nearly a week later by the HTC Vive.

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3-D Reality Braces

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Kalila Bell |

Technology has taken the wildest dreams of science fiction fans and made them a reality. From hover boards that let you float down the sidewalk, to 3-D printing technology that can create everything including medical devices and the Green Goblin’s suit from The Amazing Spider Man 2, which was completely 3-D printed. According to the Wohlers Report from 2015, the 3-D printing industry is expected to grow from 3.07 billion in 2013 to 21 billion by 2018.

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Is the Whisper App a Safe Space or a Creepy Place?

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Kayla Blanton |

If you’re an active user of social media, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen an ad promoting the secrets that lie within an app called Whisper. Geographic location retrieved by social media profiles is used to target specific universities. A teaser quote might read, “I’m sleeping with my professor.” Juicy secrets like this one and others like it urge students to download the app that allows them to anonymously confess their deepest secrets, while giving them access to those of other users.

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