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Taylor Swift’s Reputation: Still a Chart Topper a Month Later

Katie Oinonen | Freelance Writer |

Taylor Swift finally gave her fans the album they have been asking for. The last studio album Swift had, 1989, was released in 2014. Since then, Swift announced she was taking a break. On August 24th 2017, she shocked the world by breaking out of her silence with the single, “Look What You Made Me Do”. Swift coming out of her break was not the only thing that was shocking. The new song had a brand new sound as well.

Swift tried to change her “reputation” by creating a more mature sound. A few tracks on the album still have a hint of the “old Taylor” as mentioned on the first single as “dead”. (This line in the song is still causing controversy almost four months later). People are used to Swift’s country-pop sound but this album shows a different side of the 27-year-old singer.

The album opens with the track “…Ready For It?”. In the song, Swift describes a love interest just beginning along with her fantasy of it growing. The track has a new pop and electronic feel to it as well. The rest of the album is similar to this sound as well. It is clear that the innocent, country Taylor Swift is out the door. A lot of the tracks are very mature, with lyrics and beat. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, all of the songs are mainly love-based, but they offer listeners an unexpected experience. The album still has a similar piano sounding vibe as 1989 did.

The ending track “New Year’s Day” demonstrates this beautifully. In this song, Swift tells listeners about a love with someone that she does not know how will turn out. The song offers an excellent visualization of a New Year’s party and the heart to go with it, showing a little bit of classic Taylor.

People have had a lot to say about the new album over the past month, mostly negative, but it has not left number one on the charts. Reputation has been flying off the shelves since its release date. Swift’s fans still love the “New Taylor” and are continuing to stay loyal to her. The singer’s first album, Taylor Swift, was released in 2006 and the vibe of each album has always been at least slightly different. Swift shows her dedication to that clearly in this album, and it is shown boldly and proudly.

The album is now available in store and on all streaming services, including Spotify as of last week. Swift will stay true to her scheduled routine and will be going on her fifth tour in the summer of 2018. The tour will kick off in Glendale, Arizona on May 8th.

How Did “Bodak Yellow” Become Number One?

 Kalila Bell | Culture Staff Writer |

Nearly 20 years ago rapper and songstress Lauryn Hill’s song “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” was number one in the nation. Flash forward, and up-and-coming rapper, Cardi B, reigns on the top of the charts. What is one thing these two women share? They are the only solo female rap artists that have reached number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100. While many Bobcats enjoy blasting the rhythmic song all over campus, it has been a long time coming to get an artist such as Cardi B to even make it this far.

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Vinyl Bytes the Dust: Haffa’s Records To Close After 40 Years

Madison Foulkes| Lifestyle Writer|

There is something about walking into a store that has a history. Upon entering Haffa’s Records, your face is hit by the stagnant air, a combination of the building and the old vinyls. You feel as though you are stepping back in time as you come face to face with posters of ACDC, Rush, and Black Sabbath. Most people identify with these artists because their parents liked them, they enjoy the classics of that time, or simply because the music of that time was “better.”

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Album Review: Kendrick’s DAMN.

Culture Staff Writer | Ben Vizy |

Kendrick Lamar, one of the biggest names in rap, has just recently announced a new album. The album was first hinted at in a song released on March 23, titled “The Heart Part IV,” where he teased, “Y’all got ‘til April the 7th to get y’all shit together.” A week later on March 30, Lamar released an impressive new music video for the high-energy track, “HUMBLE.” By the time April 7 came along, he announced the release date for the new album: April 14. Fans had different perspectives on the new songs, release strategy, and what we can expect from Lamar’s latest.

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Lineup for 2017 NumberFest Announced!

Raichel Jenkins | Editor-in-Chief |

With over 20,000 people in the audience last summer for the Chainsmokers and Fetty Wap, the 15th NumberFest is highly anticipated. I could go on about the event but we all know what a fantastic concert this year’s fest will be. Now to what you’ve been really waiting for, the lineup!

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Brick City Records — Ohio University’s First Student-Run Record Label

*This article represents collaboration from Emma Stefanoff, Korina Meister and Raichel Jenkins.

For Ohio University’s School of Media Arts & Studies, students work on enhancing their skills in a variety of platforms, music, video, and multimedia. In recent years it has something new to boast about… it houses its own record label, Brick City Records. Zachary Crandall, head of A&R and Artist Development for the label, spoke about where the agency has been and where it plans to go in the future.

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Father’s Favorites: Get to know the bands from Father’s Fest

Culture Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy |

Good vibes, good music, good dads was the mood of last weekend. On Saturday, November 5th, FANGLE magazine hosted Father’s Fest: a concert of local Athens bands for students to jam out to and dads to embarrassingly attempt to dance to.

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FANGLE Magazine Hosts Nick D’ & The Believers Show

Culture Staff Writer | Alex Warner |

Bobcats and their moms sipped coffee and painted mugs this past moms weekend in Front Room to live music from the Columbus-based band, Nick D’ & The Believers. And trust me when I say the room started shaking. It certainly wasn’t the typical coffee shop mood music we’re used to, and it wasn’t the same atmosphere for the band either. Lead singer Nick D’Andrea told the audience that the band isn’t used to seeing everyone’s faces (or sober people), as they usually are playing in a bar-like setting.

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Athens Welcomes Another Music Venue for Local Bands

Culture Staff Writer | Ben Vizy |

While concert crowds cram themselves into Casa Nueva and Jackie O’s, a group of Athenians are hard at work building a new space where college kids can groove. The venue is called “Drxvms” (pronounced “Dreams”), and is located on 13 West Stimson Avenue, across from the Farmacy.

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