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Ohio University’s Greek Life Response to Sexual Assault

Rachel Mark | |

When I first stepped foot on campus for my second year at Ohio University, I never would have imagined that my email would be flooded with warnings from the Ohio University Police Department about multiple rapes and even a kidnapping. Within a small span of two weeks, four rapes were already reported. I really tried to not think about the assaults that have occurred but have gone unreported and unnoted.

The streets that I used to feel safe on suddenly turned eerie and sinister. I found myself constantly looking around when I had to walk home alone from Baker one night. Every car that passed had me jumping, wondering if I would be thrown inside, and every male that walked behind me on the sidewalk made me nervous and ready to run in a moment’s notice. I hated feeling completely terrified every time I had to walk somewhere at night, and it hurt knowing thousands of other women on campus were feeling the same exact way.

Since some students at Ohio University still cannot grasp the basic concept of consent, I felt that there needed to be a crash course for those students still struggling with the very complicated phrase of “no.”

How To Understand Consent Like A Human Being

1. If someone tells you “no,” don’t have sex with that person, and don’t touch that person.
2. If someone tells you “I don’t know,” you’re making them uncomfortable, and this is not an opportunity to practice your persuasion skills.
3. “I guess” is still not a solid “yes.”
4. If the person gives no response, the answer is no. Silence does not equal yes.
5. The person can revoke their decision at any time! Consent is not a legal binding contract. Anyone is allowed to change their mind and back out.
6. Consent equals a clear, enthusiastic yes.
7. If the person is slurring his or her words and is incapable to stand, they are in no way able to make a thoughtful decision on consent.
8. Giving a person more alcohol in order to get them to say “yes” is not consent.

The most important thing people can remember to do is to not be a bystander. Make sure your friends are safe and not walking around alone. If you see a person at a party that is clearly not okay, make sure they get home safe with the right people. If one of your friends is not taking no for an answer, call them out on their inappropriate actions.

Overall, I’m glad I’m part of a community that takes assaults seriously. Our little town has put in effort to stop assaults from the giant GroupMe made to make sure people get home safe, to the banners that sororities and fraternities have hung outside their houses and even to local businesses, such as Lotsa Pizza, which offers a safe place for students to go when they feel in danger. As you can tell, our students of Ohio University have been working hard to offer aid and protection to our fellow Bobcats.

Photo by: Rachel Mark

Photo by: Rachel Mark

Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Internship

Erin Gardner | Lifestyle Section Editor |

Summer is approaching, and internships are lining up. The Ohio University j-school requires students to complete an internship as a graduation obligation. Whether it’s paid or unpaid, the internship process can be foreign and lonely. FANGLE is here to help with the top 5 ways to make that summer internship count.


It’s important to communicate with your colleagues and editors. Although it can seem appealing to pop in the headphones and go to town on the to-do list, it’s beneficial to make friends with fellow interns and employees. By creating daily conversation, you foster relationships with the office and develop your accountability and leadership skills. If you’re of-age, go grab drinks with your editor or the other interns. If there’s a company outing, show up and mingle because it can only benefit you.

Ask questions

Asking questions is not a sign of weakness; it demonstrates that you are passionate to learn and grow from your mistakes. Don’t be ashamed of not knowing policy or formatting. Employers will appreciate your eagerness and willingness to absorb information and better yourself.

Pay attention to AP

Depending on the company, AP style is crucial to the format. Knowing AP might be required, so it’s a smart idea to familiarize yourself with it. You can download the style guide here. For example, numbers one through nine are spelled out, 10 and higher are generally written out numerically. Dates are communicated numerically. August through February are abbreviated when used with numbered dates, while March through July are never abbreviated. Months without dates are not abbreviated. Also, spell out states when standing alone and abbreviate them after a city except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. AP is extremely different than MLA and understanding the basics can go a long way.


An internship is an excellent opportunity to brand and promote yourself as a possible employee to your authority. Having an updated resume and clean-looking business cards are smart ideas. Also, taking a look and cleaning up your social media profiles could benefit you in the long run. Employers can and will predetermine your professionalism and accountability toward the job.

Get shit done

Especially if the internship is unpaid, it is easy to feel that the work is busy work or mindless labor. However, it is important to realize that the internship could amount to a paid internship or an entry-level job. Commit yourself as a steadfast and passionate employee and only produce work that you are proud of.

FANGLE understands that the #adulting is hard but utilizing these tips can make internships easy.

Drop Your Shorts Film Festival

Erin Gardner | Lifestyle Section Editor |

Yang Miller hosted the annual Drop Your Shorts Short Film Festival on February 25, 2018 at the Athena Cinema. The cinema explains that the purpose of the event is to celebrate “the talent of local and regional filmmakers. It gives participants the chance to see their original work on the big screen.” Contestants were encouraged to submit a film under 12 minutes about any topic of their choosing. The audience then voted on their favorite film and the winning film “will be shown prior to a regular run feature for one month.”

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Logan Paul’s Return to YouTube After Aokigahara Forest Video Backlash

Erin Gardner | Lifestyle Section Editor |

YouTube sensation Logan Paul returned to his platform on Jan. 24 after a three-week hiatus after publishing his 15-minute video of the Aokigahara Forest and finding an apparent suicide victim.

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Ohio University’s Campus: Haunted or Myth?

Haylee Followell | Lifestyle Staff Writer|

Break out those sweaters and put on those fuzzy socks because October is finally here! With autumn’s cozy clothes comes the spookiest time of year, and given that Ohio University is known as one of the top ten most haunted campuses in the United States, a deep-dive into ghost stories was much needed. From “ghost sightings” in Wilson, to the famous Ridges abandoned insane asylum, Ohio University is so well known for its ghost scares: in fact, it was featured on Syfy’s Scariest Places on Earth series.

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What Will Be The Top Costumes At This Year’s HallOUween Block Party?

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Halloween is quickly approaching and Athens is already in full swing. 2017 has been full of memorable events and we are here to help to navigate making an impression Oct. 31. Here’s FANGLE’s top predictions for what will be the most popular Halloween costumes this year during the Athens Block Party.

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Athens Community Impact: The Wall That Heals

Haylee Followell | Lifestyle Writer|

Early Thursday morning on the dewy grounds of Bicentennial Park, a memorial for the Vietnam War was carefully put up. Creator of the Vietnam memorial is Athens native, Maya Lin, who coincidentally also created Bicentennial Park. The memorial is known as “The Wall That Heals” and Ohio University is one of 40 communities on its national tour. It is a 24-hour memorial set up to look like the Vietnam memorial in Washington, D.C.

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Vinyl Bytes the Dust: Haffa’s Records To Close After 40 Years

Madison Foulkes| Lifestyle Writer|

There is something about walking into a store that has a history. Upon entering Haffa’s Records, your face is hit by the stagnant air, a combination of the building and the old vinyls. You feel as though you are stepping back in time as you come face to face with posters of ACDC, Rush, and Black Sabbath. Most people identify with these artists because their parents liked them, they enjoy the classics of that time, or simply because the music of that time was “better.”

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The New Jefferson Market: Expectation vs. Reality

Bella Pennese | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

Jefferson Market truly exceeds expectations. Out of laziness, I’ve spent my first weeks here on campus not venturing very far from my dorm hall when it comes to getting meals- usually walking the ten feet it takes to get from Crawford Hall to Nelson Market. I thought the market there was pretty nice, but I did not expect to find the vast  possibilities offered by Jeff Market when decided to venture over there.

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