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Aromatherapy Made Easy

Society Staff Writer | Reagan Main |

With midterms approaching, we’re all looking for ways to alleviate our stress. Finding time for self-care is difficult when you also have to balance work, studying and a social life. However, simple and natural help is available. Aromatherapy, an alternative medicinal practice that uses essential oils to promote wellbeing, could be the easy cure to stress that you’re looking for.

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Craft Shop Breaks from Ordinary

Lifestyle Staff Writer| Alexis McCurdy| | Twitter: @AlexisMcCurdy14

Nestled on Shafer Street is a craft shop incorporating art, spirit and culture in one hub. Beads and Things lies in the west residential area of Athens, absent of littered beer cans. Its robust red hue, with pops of pink and colorful lanterns that frame the shop offer a refreshing view compared to that of many weekend nights spent on Court Street.

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Lineup for 2017 NumberFest Announced!

Raichel Jenkins | Editor-in-Chief |

With over 20,000 people in the audience last summer for the Chainsmokers and Fetty Wap, the 15th NumberFest is highly anticipated. I could go on about the event but we all know what a fantastic concert this year’s fest will be. Now to what you’ve been really waiting for, the lineup!

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FANGLE Writing Fest Winners

Congratulations to our winning entries from FANGLE Magazine’s Fall Writing Contest, Leah Nash and Benton Molina! Be sure to check our their work in the fall issue of FANGLE Magazine under submissions or read their work below.

We’ve also included honorable mentions of writing we wish we could have included in print. Our Spring writing contest will start on January 30th and end on February 20th.

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Bobcats React to 2016 Election Results

Tonight’s winner of the 2016 election had some horrified and some ecstatic. One thing is for sure, this has been an election like no other.

With baited breath, Bobcats on and off campus have stayed awake to see the winner and here it is….. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the U.S.

trump_wins_optionSource: Wikimedia Commons 

Here’s what students had to say about this historic moment and where they stood before and after the votes were counted.

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