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Ending It is Not the End: World Suicide Prevention Day

Jacob Durbin | Staff Writer |

September 10, 2018 is World Suicide Prevention Day. In this day and age, suicide and mental health are prevalent topics in our society. Suicide rates have increased over the last decade. For those who struggle with suicidal thoughts, there are resources available to them at Ohio University. For their friends and loved ones, there are numerous ways to reach out and offer help.
We are a family here at FANGLE. We understand how difficult living with a mental illness can be. If you think you or someone you know, is depressed or suicidal, please reach out. You are not alone.
-Campus Care. Hudson Health Center, 1st Floor. 740-592-7100
-Collegiate Recovery Community. 321 Baker University Center. 740-593-4749
-Community Standards and Student Responsibility. 349 Baker University Center. 740-593-2629
-Dean of Students Office. 345 Baker University Center. 740-593-1800
-Employee Assistance Program/Impact Solutions. 1-800-277-6007 (24/7). 740-593-1636 (Human Resources)
-International Student and Faculty Services. Walter International Education Center. 740-593-4330
-LGBT Center. 354 Baker University Center. 740-593-0239
-Multicultural Programs and Multicultural Center. 205 Baker University Center. 740-593-4027
-Office for Diversity and Inclusion. 300 Cutler Hall. 740-593-2431
-Ombudsman Office. 501 Baker. 740-593-2627. Fax: 740-593-0675
-OU Police Department. 135 Scott Quadrangle. 911 or 740-593-1911
-Psychology and Social Work Clinic (PSWC). 002 Porter Hall. 740-593-0902
-Residential Housing. 060 Chubb Hall. 740-593-4090
-Student Accessibility Services. 348 Baker University Center. 740-593-2620
-Student Review and Consultation Committee. 740-593-1800
-Survivor Advocacy Program. McKee House, 44 University Terrace. 24/7 Crisis Line: 740-597-SAFE (7233)
-Women’s Center. 403 Baker University Center. 740-593-9625
-The Ohio State University reported that suicide is one of the leading causes of death among college students.
-According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, there are an average of 123 suicides per day.
-Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death.
-Firearms accounted for 51% of all suicides in 2016.
-In Ohio alone, on average, one person dies by suicide every five hours. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death; it’s the second leading cause of death for ages 15-34, the fourth leading for ages 35-44, the fifth leading for ages 45-54, the eighth leading for ages 55-64 and the seventeenth leading for ages 65 & older.

Logan Paul’s Return to YouTube After Aokigahara Forest Video Backlash

Erin Gardner | Lifestyle Section Editor |

YouTube sensation Logan Paul returned to his platform on Jan. 24 after a three-week hiatus after publishing his 15-minute video of the Aokigahara Forest and finding an apparent suicide victim.

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Cheerios’ Bring Back the Bees Campaign Helping or Harming Endangered Bees?

Ashley Edgell | Society Staff Writer |

Bees have recently made their first appearance on the endangered species list. According to Time, 80 percent of our food relies on pollination at some point in its life cycle. This decline in the presence of bees is related to several factors: loss of habitat, the spread of parasites and small population. How quickly the bee colonies are decreasing concerns scientists, and according to the latest results of a nationwide survey, beekeepers lost 44 percent of their honey bee colonies between 2015 and 2016. Fortunately, Honey Nut Cheerios may have come up with a solution to try and preserve the life of the bees.

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Terrorist Attacks Threaten Study Abroad Opportunities

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Lauren Cartwright | | @lauren_smallz

With the recent attacks in Pakistan and Paris, along with the bombings that occurred in Brussels and Turkey, both students and parents have begun to worry about the risks of studying in a foreign country. Study abroad programs offer effective ways to learn about other languages and people by being immersed in a different culture. Students gain the skills of functioning in an interdependent world by living and studying in another country. With these foreign experiences, students learn to live, understand and appreciate different perspectives.
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Social Media Censorship: What’s the deal?

Lifestyle Writer | Abigail Thomas |

 In honor of Earth Day last week, it’s only fair that we talk about one of Mother Nature’s “greatest” gifts to women—periods. Whether or not you’re a fan of the monthly event, you’re most likely a fan of freedom of speech. So, how are periods and freedom of speech related, you ask? Continue reading Social Media Censorship: What’s the deal?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: What You Need to Know

Lifestyle & Culture Staff Writer | Emma McCallister |

A bird’s eye view of a section of the Trash Island. Image via ClimateActionProgram
A bird’s eye view of a section of the Trash Island.
Image via ClimateActionProgram

It’s funny the things you remember from childhood. For example, watching your grandmother so diligently cut up one of those beverage carriers; the plastic six-pack rings. Years later, I too feel the urge to carve up the piece of plastic the moment I lay eyes on it. “SAVE THE DOLPHINS!” my inner activist screams.

Although the dolphins now have many crusaders on their side and most plastic six-pack rings are biodegradable, still not all interaction between society and marine life has had a positive impact. The trash we continue to throw away actually has a serious impact on marine ecosystems and the life that inhabits them. In case nothing majorly detrimental is popping into your head, look no further: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex. Continue reading The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: What You Need to Know

International Dress Day Makes a Colorful Fashion Statement

Lifestyle Writer | Abbey Thomas |

To kick off International Week, on Monday students at Ohio University began the celebration of their global family by sporting their favorite international clothing. The International Student Union held a fashion and talent show featuring clothing from around the world worn by the international students themselves! With international students from over 118 countries and about 80 languages spoken on campus, it’s safe to say that diversity makes a beautiful fashion statement. And what better to flaunt our diverse culture than with fashion? Continue reading International Dress Day Makes a Colorful Fashion Statement