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Mind Your Body: ‘Tis the Season to be Stressful

Society Staff Writer | Jessica Sees |

That’s how that song should really go. With finals nearly here and holiday craziness coming at us full speed ahead, many of us are just hoping to make it to winter break unscathed. That’s much easier said than done.

Photo via Flickr user Kaija
Photo via Flickr user Kaija

I think I speak for most when I utter the phrase, “UGHHHH SO DONE,” in regards to this semester. It’s that weird time when winter break is so close, but a nasty troll named Finals is stopping us from fully enjoying our Thanksgiving break, which should only be filled with mashed potato mountains and endless rivers of gravy (am I right or AM I RIGHT, people) rather than stress over grades.
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One Last Game

Leslie Termuhlen | Society Staff |

On November 2, 2014, Mount Saint Joseph University opened its women’s basketball season against Hiram College with a 66-55 victory. But the score was not the highlight of the game; it was Lauren Hill’s appearance on the court.

Photo pulled from LeBron James' Instagram
Photo pulled from LeBron James’ Instagram

Hill loved basketball and was signed to play at Mount Saint Joseph University starting in the fall of 2014. Unfortunately, the journey was not going to be as smooth as it seemed.

Hill decided to go to the doctor after feeling dizzy and feeling a loss of coordination. She was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG. DIPG is not what one thinks of when they hear the word cancer. It is not a mass or a tumor; it is a cancer with roots at the base of her brain stem with growing tentacles weaving throughout her nerves.

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Behind the Beard: No Shave November

Culture Staff Writer | Jeremy Humbert |

It’s mid November and everyone knows what that means! There are men all over campus with some of the worst — and sometimes best — beards of their lives this month, growing them long and proud. But what exactly is the story behind the beard?

Photo courtesy of: The November Beard Club
Photo courtesy of: The November Beard Club

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Fighting Diseases: Look to natural sources for healthy alternatives

Culture Staff Editor | Jackie Petre | | @jackie_janelle

Did you know pineapples fight plaque? Or that chickpeas are excellent for weight loss? You probably had no clue that these natural foods had such beneficial side effects. Many people eat fruits, vegetables and nuts because they know these foods are essential for a healthy diet. However, there are countless health benefits you can gain by eating certain foods without even realizing it.

Vitamins and nutrients found in food can help with fighting diseases naturally.
Vitamins and nutrients found in food can help with fighting diseases naturally.

The website has a list of both super fruits and super vegetables that are naturally beneficial to your health. Among these lists of super foods are numerous fruits, veggies, meats, fish, nuts and grains with all of their health benefits. From apples to yumberries, you can find any and all natural foods.

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Mind Your Body: Why mind, body connections matter

Society Staff Writer | Jessica Sees |

So I bet you’re wondering, “Why on Earth should I take advice from this random girl?” Although I am not some ultimate spiritual guru who has found divine perfection, I do have my fair share of experiences with finding out who I am and what I want (and I’m still discovering more facets about myself every single day).

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Marathon Mania Made in China

Xinying Wang | Society Staff |

“I love running, but not smog. I quit 2014 Beijing Marathon.” On the morning of Oct. 19, an hour before the Beijing International Marathon started, Dawei Chen, a running enthusiast who registered for this event, uploaded an image of him holding a sign with these words on a social media network. He’s not alone. Many people were discouraged from running the race.

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COLUMN: Mind Your Body

Society Staff Writer | Jessica Sees |

Many of us don’t understand how greatly the connection between our mind and body affects our stress levels and overall happiness. With midterms coming to an end and preparation for finals starting to creep over the horizon, this is the perfect time to start a weekly column on ways you can strengthen your connection to yourself and your Self (more to come on that distinction, trust me) in order to assure your sanity through the upcoming weeks.

As a meditation and self-awareness enthusiast, I can provide those interested in becoming more self-aware with some helpful hints and methods to point them in the direction of a more peaceful life. If this sounds like you, continue reading, my friend!

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New Ping Fitness Class: Piloxing

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Hayley Ross |

“Sleek, Sexy, Powerful.”

That is the motto of Piloxing, a new group fitness class at Ping this semester. The class repeats the motto at the end of every class, empowering its participants to reach their fitness goals.

Piloxing is a combination of dance, boxing and standing Pilates. The majority of the class is spent alternating between the three types of movement series and ends with a 15-minute strengthening and toning section, similar to Tighten and Tone (TNT), another group fitness class offered at Ping. Half-pound gloves can also be worn during the class to intensify the workout.

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FANGLE Culture: Binge Gaming

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Madison Lantelme-Capitano |

Last week, I decided that reality absolutely sucked and I needed to be as far away from it as possible. I bought popcorn, candy and some energy drinks. I locked my door, put on my fluffy pink bathrobe and proceeded to relieve stress the best way I know how — binge gaming.

I alternated between “Majora’s Mask,” “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Skyrim.” By the time I woke from my caffeine-and-sugar-induced haze, I realized I had spent the last three days cooped up in my room with no substantial food and zero contact with the real world.

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