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10 West: Apparel to Admire

Lifestyle Writer| Ian Kenyon | | @iankenyon13

Walking through the streets of Athens, it’s hard to find a clothing store that doesn’t sell just OU apparel. When you do find one, it’s so expensive and you walk out of the store with nothing. However, if you take a short stroll down Union Street, you may notice the new apparel store called 10 West. This fun and inexpensive store is perfect for students who are tired of just seeing Bobcat attire, and it’s very inexpensive with items as low as $2.00, and with deals up to 70% off.

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Fashion Spotlight: Interview with New Designer Katie Harrison

Lifestyle Writer| Jon Licata |

Katie Harrison is an up-and-coming fashion designer looking to shake up the industry. A fashion major at Columbus College of Art and Design, Harrison makes a side-living by designing and selling clothing, occasionally participating in the modeling and photography of her clothes as well.

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Small Bras, Big Boobs

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Lauren Cartwright | | @lauren_loma 

This year’s Secret Swimsuit Special shows model, Elsa Hosk of Sweden as the face of the event. Source: Victoria's Secret via PRNewswire
This year’s Secret Swimsuit Special shows model, Elsa Hosk of Sweden as the face of the event. Source: Victoria’s Secret via PRNewswire

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Special aired March 9 to give women an inside look at the hottest swimsuits on some of the most beautiful models in the world. After seeing the Swim Special, it becomes obvious the brand lacks one thing — extended sizing.

Many women exalt Victoria’s Secret as the go-to option for lingerie on the market due to the company’s various 1,000 locations and large advertising budget. According to IBISWorld report in 2015, Victoria’s Secret brands have reported control of 61.8 percent of the U.S. lingerie market. This dominant lingerie retailer excludes curvy or plus-sized women who do not fit into the maximum size of an XL/18 and cup size 40 DDD. For swimwear, the size range is smaller, with the largest size being a 38 DD.

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Fest Fashion: One Shirt Five Ways

Culture Staff Writer | Kalila Bell | 

Festival Season may as well be its own spring fashion show. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens strut around Coachella in hippie collections, while Kylie Jenner can be seen in a leisure glam look of the rich and famous. In Appalachian Ohio, the fest season is its own holiday, where the annual drink is beer and the jolly cheers of drunk words can be heard loud for all to hear. The commencement of the fest season would not be complete without the runway spring styles Ohio University students adorn.

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Rachel Green: Style Queen

Culture Staff Writer | Rachel Sinistro | | @rachyrachy__

There are certain celebrities, trends, and even television shows that come to mind when you think 90s fashion. Take all of these elements tied into one and you get 90s babe Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston on the famous television show Friends. Let’s face it, the ribbed crop tops and mom jeans of our generation are just replicas of clothes that former trendsetters such as Rachel rocked back in the day. Rachel’s style evolved throughout the show as she transformed from a coffeehouse waitress to a businesswoman, however, she always stayed true to her effortlessly trendy looks that many of us (like myself) are still applauding 20 years later. Continue reading Rachel Green: Style Queen

Were Kendall and Gigi Handed Spots on the Victoria’s Secret Runway?

Culture Staff Writer | Rachel Sinistro | | @rachyrachy__

Glistening lingerie, angelic models and gigantic wings; does this sound familiar? If you are at all acquainted with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it should. As the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie, the iconic brand’s annual fashion show has become something of a cultural phenomenon.

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#DropThePlus: Evolving the Fashion Industry

Culture Staff Writer | Alex Warner |

For decades, women have been faced with the pressures of unrealistic body images. Now, one simple hash tag has launched an Internet campaign that is trying to change that image. #DropThePlus wants to get the fashion industry and retail stores to be more inclusive with sizes by eliminating the “plus size” label. Continue reading #DropThePlus: Evolving the Fashion Industry