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ScreenShop: What You Need to Know

Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer |

Technology keeps making the impossible possible – especially in the world of fashion. ScreenShop is an app in which the user can screenshot a desired outfit, upload it to the app and the app will then generate exact or similar pieces from the outfit.

FANGLE took an inside look at the ScreenShop app to find how it works, which are detailed in steps below.

Step 1: Screenshot a picture of an outfit you like from Instagram

Step 2: Upload the screenshot to the ScreenShop app  


Step 3: Allow yourself to be amazed

Once ScreenShop processes your screenshot and uploads it into its system, similar or even exact items from your picture will display and give you the option to buy it! And don’t worry, even if your funds may be depleted, ScreenShop gives you the option to ‘heart’ every item that you like and add it to your favorites to save for later.

You can also see other uploaded screenshots from around the world and decide if you want to ‘pass’ or ‘add’ the screenshot to your own selection.

ScreenShop is a great cool app to add to your home screen that will help to fulfill all the fashion needs your heart may desire.

Brazilian Waxes: A Walk-Through

Kailee Missler | Lifestyle Writer |

For those who don’t know, a Brazilian wax is a wax that takes off all the hair in your pubic and anal area. This sounds extremely scary, especially for people who have never experienced being open with their body around another human being. That’s not even including the pain they expect to come along with it.  This article will walk through the process of getting a Brazilian wax, what to expect, and is it worth it.

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Chillin’ With My Only Bae: Shopping

Tarein Phillips | Culture Staff Writer |

If you found yourself without a valentine this year, perhaps you’ll be able to find your one true love in treating yourself to a shopping experience. You may have doubts while checking out your card balance; however, I have personally found and shopped with two apps that offer discounted clothes for women called SheIn and Romwe.

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One Shirt, Three Ways — Winter Holidays Edition

Haylee Follower | Lifestyle Staff Writer|

 With the holiday season coming up, many thoughts are running through student’s heads. Among those are thoughts of finals, winter break and winter holidays. If you’re like me, these holidays, while spending time with family, also involve finding the perfect winter holiday outfit.

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What Will Be The Top Costumes At This Year’s HallOUween Block Party?

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Halloween is quickly approaching and Athens is already in full swing. 2017 has been full of memorable events and we are here to help to navigate making an impression Oct. 31. Here’s FANGLE’s top predictions for what will be the most popular Halloween costumes this year during the Athens Block Party.

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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Makes Waves

Mackenzie Kane | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

The past few years, we have watched the world of makeup evolve into a movement. Instagram has become impossible to scroll through without seeing at least one person looking bomb as hell showing off their makeup. Doing makeup has gained popularity past only women using it as well. Everyone and anyone can, and are, getting their makeup brushes dirty to paint masterpieces onto their faces. At the forefront of this makeup movement is none other than Rihanna.

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Online Shopping for the College Student Budget

Natalie Stempfley | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

Living in Athens, there are not many places to shop for clothes to wear out to the next big party, to win over people during recruitment, or to help impress the cute boy who sits next to you in marketing. Luckily, there are some very cute boutiques on campus; however– as cute as they are– there are not many options for clothing, and the prices can sometimes be higher than you’d want them to be.

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Thrift Store Shopping: Bridging The Gap Between Budgeting and Spending

Haylee Followell | Culture Staff Writer |

Think about the last time you saw a really cool pair of jeans or an stunningly quirky belt, when you asked that person where they got the item, did they proudly respond “a thrift store”? My bet would be yes. Today, it is becoming more trendy to shop at your local Goodwill or consignment shop than it is to go to the mall. The appeal to thrifting is not surprising, with the (typically) great pricing and unique pieces, many people are turning away from the crowded malls to smaller, charismatic thrift shops. Whether it is for environmental, economic or personal preference, thrifting is the new “it” thing to do.

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