Brazilian Waxes: A Walk-Through


Kailee Missler | Lifestyle Writer |

For those who don’t know, a Brazilian wax is a wax that takes off all the hair in your pubic and anal area. This sounds extremely scary, especially for people who have never experienced being open with their body around another human being. That’s not even including the pain they expect to come along with it.  This article will walk through the process of getting a Brazilian wax, what to expect, and is it worth it.


For me, the scariest part was imaging myself on a table, naked from the waist down exposed to a random woman. I was worried she would judge my body and worried she’d be awkward about the entire ordeal. That wasn’t the case at all.

These wax specialists have seen every single body type and pubic area, and they most certainly aren’t going to be uncomfortable by yours. This is their job.Keep in mind, most of these wax specialists have their co-workers do waxes on them, too, so they know exactly what is going through your mind.

Step One: Choosing a  Salon and Specialist

It is recommended that your pubic hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice before your wax appointment, so plan out your shaving schedule before this.

When you arrive at the wax place (I would recommend going to a place that specializes in waxing – not a hair salon that has one wax specialist) for your appointment, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. You can even tell them you’re nervous, they’ll understand.

Your wax specialist will lead you back to a private room where they’ll inform you take off everything below the waist and then to wipe yourself with an unscented baby-wipe that they’ve provided. This made me feel instantly better because I was worried about being sweaty in that area from the nerves. They’ll leave the room for this and knock on the door before re-entering, to which you can say whether you’re ready or not.

Step Two: Preparation

Your wax specialist will walk in and ask you to put the bottoms of your feet together while you’re lying in the bed. This will make you feel very exposed at first, but you’ll get used to it once the realization sets in that the specialist couldn’t care less what you look like down there.

She will ask you questions like: “When was the last time you shaved?” and “Have you ever waxed before?” This enables her to get an idea of your growth cycle and pattern.

Then, she will take a cotton pad and put some oil all over your hair. This relaxes the hair follicles and makes it less harsh for the waxing process.

Step Three: The Wax

This is the worst part, but still not as bad as your imagination might make you think. Your wax specialist will talk to you the entire time. Mine asked me about school, what I was studying, all the basics. Conversation is key during this part because it helps keep your mind off of the waxing.

If it’s your first time, your wax specialist will also cover the benefits of waxing. Mine explained that waxing is better for your skin than shaving, your hair will grow back thinner and slower, and in some cases, hair may stop growing. She also recommended exfoliating the area twice a week to help free blocked hairs. (You can do this even if you shave.)

Step Four: Post-Wax

After she’s finished waxing, she’ll go through and tweeze some of the hairs that weren’t long enough to be picked up by the wax.  Then, she’ll place a soothing lotion to help with any skin irritation. She’ll also ask you if you’re interested in scheduling your next appointment.  The time frame is usually 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Once this is done, she’ll leave the room so you can get dressed. You may feel a little warm in the area but this passes very quickly. When you go to pay for your wax, don’t forget to tip your specialist for helping this entire process!

My Personal Experience

After my first wax, I felt like I could accomplish anything. If you can survive someone putting hot wax on your pubic hairs and ripping it off, you can do whatever you want to do.  For some recommendations on my experience, I put some pure witch hazel on myself to help with redness because my skin is slightly sensitive.

The day after, any soreness I had was gone and I didn’t have any hair grow back for over a week. I also exfoliate with a mixture of sugar and coconut oil twice a week. Wait until the day after your wax to exfoliate. When my hair did started growing back, it grew in less dense that before and in patchy areas.

The only downside is you can’t shave between waxes if you want to continue waxing instead of shaving. However, in the long run, it’s completely worth it in my opinion.

If you aren’t sure if you can make it through the pain, I’ll leave you with this: my wax specialist told me she’s only ever had one client who decided she couldn’t take it after the first strip of wax.  One person. Do something you wouldn’t normally do and try a Brazilian wax.