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Shapr: When Swiping Right Can Land Jobs

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Meet Shapr: a networking app in the digital age. Think of it as the brainchild of the apps LinkedIn and Tinder. Recently, advertisements for Shapr have been popping up on campus, so FANGLE decided to do some digging about the realistic marketing aspects of the app.

Forbes’sThis App Makes Professional Networking As Easy As Swiping Right” explains in detail that “Shapr is an app that takes a new approach to professional networking. Using a smart algorithm, Shapr provides 10-15 profiles of other professionals nearby with similar interests to be evaluated daily. Much like the popular dating app, Tinder, users swipe left or right to indicate if they would like to connect with the individual. Once two individuals both swipe right on each other’s profile, they can message to connect over coffee in person.”

The app works similar to Tinder where it presents similar profiles that its algorithm think would pair well with the user. The user then can “swipe right” if the user thinks the compatibility is right. If both users swipe right, then it’s a match and they can message each other for professional situations. The app, it seems, targets its audience to millennials, while digital networking is made easier.

iTunes reviews are generally pretty positive about the app, calling it a genius invention that makes networking and marketing easier, especially in intense travel situations.

Emily O’Flynn, a junior majoring in Strategic Communication in Scripps weighs in, “I think it’s an interesting idea in theory! I would have to learn more about the app because on Tinder you judge people on physical appearances and I don’t believe you should judge professional based on what people’s faces look like.”

O’Flynn continues with “I believe this will be a great way to meet other professionals in the industry in a more casual setting! I think this app will work better to meet professionals similar to you rather than recruiting potential talent for companies… I love both Tinder and LinkedIn, so I would at least try out the app.”

“Shapr seems like an interesting idea, but I don’t know how widely used or successful it will be,” says freshman Elena Golubovich. “I think it will be a speed round of looking through resumes, which will benefit employers, [but] employees will have face-to-face effect taken away from them as a result of social media interaction.”

Golubovich concedes with the notion of trying out the app with “because I don’t employ anyone, no. As an employee, maybe. I’d wait a little while to watch its success.”



Odyssey Nutrition: A New Health Option Arrives To Ohio University

Haylee Followell | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

As a college student, it is often hard to juggle things like school, work and friends… let alone a nutritional diet. The freshman fifteen is no stranger to incoming students and although the dining halls are often accessible and tasty, they are often not the healthiest options. With new health initiatives, such as getting rid of the trays or trying to serve students meals with lower salt percentages, eating healthy is still a very problematic task. Odyssey Nutrition is here to change that.

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Creep it Real with these Forgotten Halloween Flicks

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Binge-watching Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween and listening to Monster Mash on repeat can get monotonous and old. We are here to help to keep Halloween weekend frighteningly retro. Here’s FANGLE’s top 10 recommendations for a scary good movie night at the witching hour.

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Ohio University’s Campus: Haunted or Myth?

Haylee Followell | Lifestyle Staff Writer|

Break out those sweaters and put on those fuzzy socks because October is finally here! With autumn’s cozy clothes comes the spookiest time of year, and given that Ohio University is known as one of the top ten most haunted campuses in the United States, a deep-dive into ghost stories was much needed. From “ghost sightings” in Wilson, to the famous Ridges abandoned insane asylum, Ohio University is so well known for its ghost scares: in fact, it was featured on Syfy’s Scariest Places on Earth series.

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The Monument Quilt: Letting Survivors Take A Stand

Haylee Followell | Lifestyle |

On Oct. 13 in Peden Stadium, there was a sense of solemnity. There are no voices, but over the speakers classical music is being played. The Monument Quilt was a display made up of 1,000 quilts made from survivors of sexual assault and rape, speaking out about their abuse. October 13 marks the first time this display has ever been at Ohio University.

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What Will Be The Top Costumes At This Year’s HallOUween Block Party?

Erin Gardner | Culture Staff Writer |

Halloween is quickly approaching and Athens is already in full swing. 2017 has been full of memorable events and we are here to help to navigate making an impression Oct. 31. Here’s FANGLE’s top predictions for what will be the most popular Halloween costumes this year during the Athens Block Party.

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In The Wake of Another Tragedy, When Will We Take On Gun Control?

Mackenzie Kane | Society Staff Writer |

On Oct. 1, 2017, what has been said to be the deadliest mass shooting in America occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shooting left 58 people dead and over 500 others injured. Fifty-eight people died at an event they attended with family and friends to have a good night. This is not the first time something like this has happened in America, and if changes aren’t made, it will not be the last.

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DIY: Apple Cider Float

Haylee Followell| lifestyle |

Fall is here and that means so is pumpkin spice. Now, I love my PSLs as much as the next person, but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative fall drink, look no further: this apple cider float is great for unseasonably warm days when you still want to get your fall fix. An added bonus is that all of these ingredients can be found at a dining hall or in a market.

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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Makes Waves

Mackenzie Kane | Lifestyle Staff Writer |

The past few years, we have watched the world of makeup evolve into a movement. Instagram has become impossible to scroll through without seeing at least one person looking bomb as hell showing off their makeup. Doing makeup has gained popularity past only women using it as well. Everyone and anyone can, and are, getting their makeup brushes dirty to paint masterpieces onto their faces. At the forefront of this makeup movement is none other than Rihanna.

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