FANGLE executive staff

FANGLE’s Mission
FANGLE is a print and weekly online magazine on the Athens campus, produced by Ohio University students for the Ohio University and Athens community. At FANGLE, we are excited about the world around us and we want to translate this excitement into our writing. FANGLE challenges its staff and readers to think outside the box, to find new angles to traditional stories and present unique perspectives to our audience. We at FANGLE look to break the “sphere” and bring awareness to stories beyond the Athens and OU scope, with hope in bringing information and starting conversations in daily life.

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Executive Staff
Editor-in-Chief – Raichel Jenkins

Associate Editor – Leslie Termuhlen

Managing Editor – Leslie Termuhlen

Creative Director – Kate Jackson

Associate Creative Director – Sarah Criminski

Photography Director – Leah Nash

Section Editors – Sydney Dawes, Korina Meister

Social Media Manager – Alex Warner

Webmaster – Leslie Termuhlen

Copy Chief – Leah Keiter

Treasurer – David Long

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