5 Tips to Transform Your Summer Fashion into Fall


Earl Hopkins| Section Editor|eh032114@ohio.edu

As fall approaches, the former summer days shorten, and the blazing heat descends into the confronting, dusk-filled winds. Like the climate, there’s a transition within the fall fashion season. People’s wardrobes gradually begin to shift, as they swap out cut-off denim shorts, crop tees and pastel-colored blouses for oversized wool sweaters, plaid shirts and checkered single-button trousers. Among the many looks that have emerged on the runways during this year’s fashion month, here’s a list of the five biggest trends for the fall season.

1. Layered Leathers

During many of the shows this season, one of the more dominant fabrics has been leather. Fendi and Paul Smith’s recent sets have relied heavily on the traditional style, with worn, hide leathers distributed into a variety of stylish pieces. Throughout the fall, black and brown-tinted trench coats and jackets will make for a stylishly mystic and dominatrix-inspired look.

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2. Shearling Coats

The fall season is centered on the art of layering. To add more volume to your multi-layered wardrobe, a shearling coat serves as a smooth transition piece for the winter months. The fur wraps seamlessly around the brink of the coat’s thickened edges, which compliments anything from a flowing dress to a wool flannel shirt.

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3. Animal Print

Ignore all the negative preconceptions you have about animal print. No, it’s no longer considered outdated or trashy. Designs from Calvin Klein and Tom Ford present a more modern perspective, one that makes leopard and zebra sleek fabrics less repulsive and more appealing in today’s couture.

Source: Fashion-world.com

4. Gloss

There’s been a resurgence of the 90s era. As you dig through your parents’ crates filled with their vintage wardrobe pieces, make use of the polyester-style skirts and blindingly shiny tapered pants they’ve abandoned. Recent pieces from Dior and Fendi return to the patent-leather shine, with glossy metallic trench coats and sweater sets in recent showings.

photo from pinterest

5. Cowboy

The most unlikely of trends at the center of the fashion month has been the reemergence of the spaghetti western look. Everything from neckerchiefs, cowboy boots, prairie dresses and traditional rodeo-style pattern shirts have been a recent mainstay, drawing direct inspiration from the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood films of the “shoot ’em up” era from the 1950s and 60s.

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