9 Tips to Make an Attainable New Year’s Resolution


Erin Gardner | Editor-in-Chief | eg245916@ohio.edu

2019 is coming in hot. A New Year’s resolution is nice in theory, but realistically they don’t usually hold up. Most resolutions are shallow, too vague and too big. Losing weight and saving money is an afterthought, and by next month, it’s a joke. FANGLE is here to help with nine tips to make realistic and accountable resolutions. 2019 will be your year.


Before you make resolutions, reflect on why you’re making the resolution. It’s important to understand that you don’t need to make any resolutions at all. You should make resolutions for your own self-improvement and yours alone. Ask yourself if you’re happy at the moment. Is there anything you want to change?

Start small

Small resolutions are more likely to stick. For example, “drink a glass of water” is easier to handle than “lose weight.” If a resolution is to lose weight, keep at it. However, if there are slip-lapses, take it by a weekly basis and then a month and so on. For a week, try eating a veggie a day or doing 20 minutes of yoga. By breaking down the resolution into chunks, there is less room for slip-ups.

Be specific

It’s important to be specific with your resolution. Although it can seem appealing to jot down “read more” and then go about the day, it’s beneficial to be specific, such as “read a book a month. By creating specific resolutions, you establish the reason for the resolution in the first place. By spelling out “read a book a month”, you create a game plan of what books you will read and how long you have for each book. You’re holding yourself accountable.

Write them down

Writing down your resolution put them in physical form. Now, they’re not random thoughts swimming around in your head, they’re down on paper and exist. That way, it’s harder to write them off. Write it down in a bullet journal or a planner so you see and recognize it.

Replace habits

Habits are hard to break. They’re especially hard to break cold-turkey. If you have a habit of buying coffee, it’s unlikely that you’ll just stop buying coffee altogether. Instead, invest in an espresso machine and make your coffee at home. Make a habit of making your coffee at home. An espresso machine is more upscale than a traditional automatic coffee maker, so the coffee will feel expensive and worthwhile. Once a month, treat yourself to a cup of coffee from a local shop. Plus, you will cut down on your use of paper if you use reusable mugs.

Encourage experiences

A resolution doesn’t have to require money. If you have a resolution of attending a yoga class once a week, you will probably have to buy a mat and maybe a registration. Try inviting friends to participate in an at-home Pilates work-out or a yoga session. By doing yoga at home with friends, you’re saving on money and you’re creating lasting memories. Experiences could include having a picnic with someone, doing a scary movie marathon with your roomies, baking cookies with your mom and making breakfast in best with your significant other.

Check yourself

Either on your phone or in a planner, schedule monthly follow-ups for yourself. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or judgmental, but a friendly reminder of the goals you set for yourself. It can as simple as setting as appointment mid-month asking how you are doing.

Celebrate the victories

It’s important to celebrate the small victories. Making resolutions is a year-round marathon, not a monthly race. If a resolution is to make salads for lunch, commend yourself once you’ve started to make salads. Indulge yourself in buying a fancy cheese or your favorite dressing for the salads.

Recognize slip-ups

It’s unrealistic to think that a resolution will be smooth sailing for the get-go. There are bound to be mistakes and blunders, but it’s important to keep with it. If a resolution is to eat healthily, don’t beat yourself up for a couple of cookies. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here are 5 examples of realistic resolutions:

* Read a book a month

* Keep a plant alive

* Practice realistic self-care

* Do something scary once a month

* Drink eight glasses of water

FANGLE understands that the #adulting is hard but utilizing these tips can make your year look easy.