5 Apps to Help Get Your Sh*t Together This Year


Haylee Followell | hf211816@gmail.com |Associate Editor

By now, #newyearnewme and the throwback Instagram stories are piling up. There is something inspiring about the beginning of the new year, though. While it is important to self-reflect regularly, for some people (including myself) we need the new year to wipe the slate clean. This is the year we kick butt and take names, whether that be academically, socially or mentally. Here are five ~free~ apps that will help put you on the right track.


So you want to start taking care of your body? Lifesum might be a good start. I have never been one to count calories, but I am trying to become more aware of what I’m putting into my body (i.e less meat and more veggies). Being healthy and a college student are rarely put in the same sentence, but Lifesum makes it easy to log exercise and food all while giving you a realistic goal to achieve. With words of encouragement, when you log healthy habits and when you drink water, it feels less like a an inspirational coach had a baby with a health app.


If your new year’s resolution is to become more outgoing (or get back out there), Bumble might be right for you. Bumble is unique from other dating/hookup apps because it allows women to message first.


Is 2019 the year you get back into (or start) reading? Libby is a cool app that allows the user to log into their local library and read ebooks or access audiobooks. As a college student, it’s hard to find time to do something educational after a long day of classes or work. Libby makes it easy for students to enjoy the benefits of reading in a relaxing manner.


Ever wanted to try meditation? Headspace is an app that has different meditation guides from general stress to dealing with change. I love this app and although you can pay to get more meditation guides, the free ones are great too!


Last but not least, if 2019 is the year you’re hoping to score an awesome internship or your dream job, Handshake will be your saving grace. Handshake is an app that allows you to save information like GPA or resume and offers many jobs/internships depending on your search. Finding a new job is intimidating, and oftentimes hard to figure out where to start, Handshake makes it easy to search. Whether you look for jobs in “cool cities” or simply search jobs for your desired field, Handshake is a MUST have app.

Here’s to a productive 2019!