What’s in Your Tea?

Society Staff Writer | Korina Meister | km912013@ohio.edu

Tea has become an increasingly popular drink over the past few years because it has the caffeine found in coffee, plus great health benefits. It has been found to lower the risk of depression, contain antioxidants and support the immune system. Stores like Teavana sell tea products exclusively, including dozens of types of loose leaf teas. Unfortunately, the leading chain is not only ripping off customers with their products, but it is also deceiving them with unknown additives.

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Sophomore Slump: It’s a Thing

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Sydney Dawes | sd983213@ohio.edu

Freshman year was a year of strict routine: at 7:00 a.m., my alarm blared to start off the beginning of classes, meetings, coffee with friends, attending workshops, studying for a hefty course load and writing articles for various campus publications. My outfits were picked out the night prior, my backpack was filled with the proper books and binders, and I arrived to class 15 minutes early.

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How to Have a Mindful Semester

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Sydney Dawes | sd983213@ohio.edu

Mindfulness, a concept inspired by Buddhism, helps thousands reduce stress and stay positive. Source: Sapphire_penguin via Pixabay

At the end of last semester, thousands of students experienced it: cramming for exams, madly typing papers, sorting through piles of notes, scrambling to finish up group projects, sleepless nights and tired eyes. Many students experienced headaches and sore muscles, too. Lack of sleep, which suppresses the immune system, caused other students to catch a record amount of colds and flu during this past finals week. All this, due to stress.

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