Expanding the Cannabis Community

Malorie Bush | Society Staff | mb163713@ohio.edu

This past week many marijuana enthusiasts celebrated 4/20. Because of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, more people than ever participated in this hazy holiday. CNN dubbed it “weed week” as they looked into ways the United States is evolving in terms on inventions and laws as cannabis is becoming legal. To add to the celebration was the release of High There, an app created by Todd Mitchem, an Ohio native, that is known as the Tinder for marijuana users. Continue reading Expanding the Cannabis Community

Professor Parties… I mean, “End of Semester Fieldtrips”

Culture Writer | Grace Hermanns | gh296311@ohio.edu

The semester is cracking down, but are your professors? That one professor who speeds through PowerPoint slides at the end of class, is he trying to speed through three-days worth of material in one class period? Do your finals loom, haunting you like a ghost while you weave through the dusty stacks of Alden library? Continue reading Professor Parties… I mean, “End of Semester Fieldtrips”