Mind Your Body: Sites for Summer Sanity

Society Staff Writer | Jessica Sees | Js392211@ohio.edu

This school year is coming to a close, and that means I will be taking a break from school, so Mind Your Body will not be updated regularly *sobs a little bit.* With that being said, I wanted to leave you guys with a few websites and apps that are based around your feelings, happiness and mind-body connections. Continue reading Mind Your Body: Sites for Summer Sanity

Beginning vs. End of a Relationship

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Isabella Karamol | ik570311@ohio.edu | @isabellakaramol

Okay, so I’m not saying your relationship is ending or over, but what I am saying is that things tend to change over time when you are in a relationship for what seems like an eternity (a very happy, wonderful eternity). Let’s face it, we aren’t piling on as much makeup as our first date or dousing ourselves in cologne or perfume every time we see each other, so let’s take a look at the little things that change over time in a relationship. Continue reading Beginning vs. End of a Relationship

Minors for Journalism Majors That Will Help You Get Hired

Lifestyle Writer | Rachel Sinistro | rs651613@ohio.edu

Many college students come to the point when they have to make the pressing decision of which minor, if any, that they should choose. You are not required to have a minor in order to graduate and some might even say that it is a waste of your time. However, think of it this way; if you apply for a job and are up against a close competitor, an impressive minor might just be the advantage you need for the employer to choose you over the competitor. Continue reading Minors for Journalism Majors That Will Help You Get Hired

Kangaroos, Camels, and Cages, Oh My! – Opinion

Society Staff Writer | Melanie Foster | mf009413@ohio.edu

Last Thursday, the Ohio University Program Council brought a petting zoo to South Green. Students had the opportunity to ride camels and pet other species including prairie dogs, goats and even kangaroos. For many students, these creatures brought a very positive boost to an otherwise stressful week. But when taking a closer look, the darker issue of domesticated wild animals appears. Continue reading Kangaroos, Camels, and Cages, Oh My! – Opinion

Summer Bucket List

Lifestyle Writer | Chelsea Sick | cs117913@ohio.edu

When April rolls around and anxiety about finals starts weighing me down, I find myself daydreaming of all of the things I have to do over the summer. Every one of my summers has started like this: sleep until noon, watch Netflix until four, and then maybe if I get the motivation to do anything, I will hang out with friends at night. I always tell myself, “Ok tomorrow I’ll be productive, you have so many things you want to do.” Next thing I know it is August and the only thing I have accomplished is watching all 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy… twice. Continue reading Summer Bucket List

Reactions to My First #Fest

Culture Staff Writer | Kate Patterson | kk940213@ohio.edu

#festa13Fest: my very first Number Fest. I had no idea what to expect. Actually, I had heard so many different opinions of Number Fest, also known as #Fest, that I didn’t want to go into the day expecting anything. I headed to the transportation shuttles on West Union Street with an open mind and the attitude “whatever happen, happens.” Continue reading Reactions to My First #Fest

Social Media Censorship: What’s the deal?

Lifestyle Writer | Abigail Thomas | at767613@ohio.edu

 In honor of Earth Day last week, it’s only fair that we talk about one of Mother Nature’s “greatest” gifts to women—periods. Whether or not you’re a fan of the monthly event, you’re most likely a fan of freedom of speech. So, how are periods and freedom of speech related, you ask? Continue reading Social Media Censorship: What’s the deal?