‘Air Umbrella’ Potentially Hitting the Market

John Carpenter| Society Staff | jc898610@ohio.edu

The developers of a new Kickstarter campaign have designed an umbrella that is a handle that projects mass amounts of air upward, toward the rain to protect its user from getting wet. They’re calling it the Air Umbrella.

China-based makers have exceeded their original estimated funding goal of $10,000 creating and marketing the revolutionary umbrella. This type of umbrella is such an old fashioned concept that it’s actually surprising that no tech-minded company has tried to design a more high-tech, modern version of it.

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Marathon Mania Made in China

Xinying Wang | Society Staff | xw156713@ohio.edu

“I love running, but not smog. I quit 2014 Beijing Marathon.” On the morning of Oct. 19, an hour before the Beijing International Marathon started, Dawei Chen, a running enthusiast who registered for this event, uploaded an image of him holding a sign with these words on a social media network. He’s not alone. Many people were discouraged from running the race.

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Feminist Threats in GamerGate Campaign

Leslie Termuhlen | Society Section | lt342713@ohio.edu

Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist and media critic, received death and rape threats in early October from a Utah State University student. Sarkeesian is not new to receiving threats, as bomb threats to her lectures are usually made. The newest threat was made the day before her lecture about female representation in the video game industry, in an email demanding the university to cancel her speech or there will be a massacre shooting.

The email read, “This will be the deadliest school shooting in American history and I’m giving you the chance to stop it.” The anonymous email then said, “Feminists have ruined my life and I will have my revenge.”

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COLUMN: Mind Your Body

Society Staff Writer | Jessica Sees | js392211@ohio.edu

Many of us don’t understand how greatly the connection between our mind and body affects our stress levels and overall happiness. With midterms coming to an end and preparation for finals starting to creep over the horizon, this is the perfect time to start a weekly column on ways you can strengthen your connection to yourself and your Self (more to come on that distinction, trust me) in order to assure your sanity through the upcoming weeks.

As a meditation and self-awareness enthusiast, I can provide those interested in becoming more self-aware with some helpful hints and methods to point them in the direction of a more peaceful life. If this sounds like you, continue reading, my friend!

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New Ping Fitness Class: Piloxing

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Hayley Ross | hr332511@ohio.edu

“Sleek, Sexy, Powerful.”

That is the motto of Piloxing, a new group fitness class at Ping this semester. The class repeats the motto at the end of every class, empowering its participants to reach their fitness goals.

Piloxing is a combination of dance, boxing and standing Pilates. The majority of the class is spent alternating between the three types of movement series and ends with a 15-minute strengthening and toning section, similar to Tighten and Tone (TNT), another group fitness class offered at Ping. Half-pound gloves can also be worn during the class to intensify the workout.

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Tips and Tricks to Secure Any Internship

Lifestyle Staff Writer | Isabella Karamol | ik570311@ohio.edu | @isabellakaramol

Internships can be a challenging thing to get a hold on for anyone. Whether you’re looking for one, applying for one or interviewing for one, it takes a lot out of a person. But with these tips, hopefully it can alleviate some stress for all the fellow internship searchers out there.

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College Courting: Date Ideas for College Students

Culture Editor | Jackie Petre | jp774811@ohio.edu | @jackie_janelle

hei3PpFyQPgoRxI9WVbscwd_tHiTTC_X_aEz870U6Z4College is supposed to be a time when you start searching for your future husband or wife. Although you may wish for elegant dates at fancy restaurants (or even moderately-priced restaurants), college just isn’t the time for that. Your bank account, if it is anything like mine, is probably too low to even think about going on a romantic date.

However, the thing about college is that you don’t need to go on a fancy, high- class date to get to know someone or have fun. This is the time to get creative and come up with some interesting and unique date ideas. Luckily, there are plenty of options at your fingertips that are super easy and won’t break the bank.

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FANGLE Music Review: Taylor Swift, 1989

Culture Staff Writer | Katie Flowers | kf163911@ohio.edu

Hk1i7sdKifGKCp-5FiaCbMJp59JMOn7VG_y_O3ojc8kTaylor Swift has FINALLY released her much-anticipated fifth album, 1989. 1989, Swift’s first pure pop album, was dropped on Monday at midnight, and I must admit, I’ve been obsessively listening to it ever since. With 1989, Swift has fully transitioned into a new era in her career.

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